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2 Team Hold The Flag
To download this map while playing Bitfighter, type:
/dlmap simple_points


My second level. Like Simple CTF, I didn't put much effort into the visuals save for the flagzones. Someone (I think sky_lark) mentioned in a party that the fact that the points need to be contested constantly but one cannot stay in them is a good mechanic. I actually didn't intend for that originally: what I meant was for the points to be slow to get through, more like capture points in team FPS games. However, it turned out that my bot-proofing using healturrets and the small map size combined to form a really hectic sort of match. Pretty cool! Semi-S_Bot-proofed, through the healturrets in the "points". However, the bots will commonly get stuck in and/or around their respective team's points.




Cool level! We should play this at a party sometime, it looks like a fun mechanic.