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Bitfighter 022

Platform Download
Windows Windows 32-bit Installer
64-bit Installer
Portable Archive (unzip and play)
OSX macOS Intel 64 bit (macOS 10.8+)
Linux Linux AppImage x86_64 (GLIBC 2.14)*
Source Archive

* Make executable with: chmod +x bitfighter-XXXXX.AppImage

Linux Packages

Bitfighter is built by the following 3rd-party packagers (they may not have the latest version).

Arch Linux

If you want to build Bitfighter for a different platform, building information can be found in the wiki.

Other Downloads

Bitfighter Notifier (win64). System tray online player notifications

Classic Level Map Pack. Good old levels from Zap!

022 Changes

New Features

  • New weapon: Railgun
  • Enhanced item: team-based asteroids
  • S_Bot names


  • S_Bot shields smarter but more like a human
  • S_Bot shoots smarter and more like a human
  • S_Bot is much smarter with Cores and GoFasts
  • Editor: properly mitered barrier corners
  • Bot zone generation is smarter around barriers
  • GameRecording file numbering has better ordering
  • Server messages can be sent to clients
  • New players and bots are distributed better in Core games
  • Up to 6 loadout presets


  • Editor: fix sometimes disappearing objects when rotating
  • Fix crash when loading a non-existant bot
  • Fix missing in-game messages during announcements
  • Properly highlight turrets/forcefields with inline help system
  • Fix inline help showing over LevelInfo display
  • Fix bots failing on some levels due to bad barrier geometry
  • Fix S_Bot endlessly going to the right on some maps
  • Fix S_Bot stuck in center of Retrieve/HTF maps
  • Fix point earn rate in Rabbit
  • Fix some commands relying on player names
  • Fix being able to rate your own map


  • Remove classic SFX set
  • Luadoc rewrite and updates
  • Notifier is no longer in the download packages but in a separate download
  • Snap package support

Source Code

All project source and relevant support files can be found on the project's github page.