The latest Bitfighter release can be dowloaded here. All releases and change history can be viewed on the releases page.

Bitfighter 019g

Platform Download
Windows Windows 32-bit Installer
64-bit Installer
Portable Archive (unzip and play)
OSX macOS Intel 64 bit (macOS 10.7+)
Linux Linux Standalone x86/x86_64 (GLIBC 2.7)
Source Archive

Linux Packages

Bitfighter is built by the following 3rd-party packagers (they may not have the latest version).

Arch Linux
Debian (unofficial)

If you want to build Bitfighter for a different platform, building information can be found in the wiki.

Other Downloads

Classic Level Map Pack. Good old levels from Zap!

019g Changes

New Features

  • Multi-core team switching: Core games with 3 or more teams can have early losers redistributed to remaining teams. Option is found in the editor
  • Full resolution screenshots: screenshots will be the full window size instead of always 800x600
  • mp3 decoding now included in all packages
  • Lua: Add set/getAngle methods to moveObject. This will let you set direction of seekers
  • Lua: Allow setting a ship's team


  • Improved scoreboard rendering with long team names
  • Better mouse trapping in-game
  • Game timer turns red with 10 seconds left in the match


  • Fix Windows portable build to be fully backwards compatible on Windows XP
  • Fix memory leak in network code
  • Fix stackoverflow in Linux with logfile initialization
  • Fix various crashes with sorting items in server list and other menus
  • Fix several OSX runtime warnings
  • OSX and Windows updater fixes
  • Fix editor bug when converting a single barrier to a polywall using a plugin
  • Lua: Fix onPlayerJoined event to make robots appear on the correct team


  • OSX i386 support is dropped. Minimum macOS version required is 10.7
  • Bitfighter now requires c++11 to build
  • Minimum SDL version is 2.0.5 for newer gamecontroller support
  • Support for aarch64
  • Build fixes on OSX and Windows. Can fully build with Windows 7+ and OSX 10.7+ now. Includes several updates to internal dependencies

Source Code

All project source and relevant support files can be found on the project's github page.