The latest Bitfighter release can be dowloaded here. All releases and change history can be viewed on the releases page.

Bitfighter 021

Platform Download
Windows Windows 32-bit Installer
64-bit Installer
Portable Archive (unzip and play)
OSX macOS Intel 64 bit (macOS 10.8+)
Linux Linux AppImage x86_64 (GLIBC 2.14)*
Source Archive

* Make executable with: chmod +x bitfighter-XXXXX.AppImage

Linux Packages

Bitfighter is built by the following 3rd-party packagers (they may not have the latest version).

Arch Linux

If you want to build Bitfighter for a different platform, building information can be found in the wiki.

Other Downloads

Classic Level Map Pack. Good old levels from Zap!

021 Changes

New Features

  • Global script option in host menu
  • EnergyItem in the editor
  • Adjustable Core rotation speed
  • In-game health guage
  • Ability to lock soccer balls and flags to their original spawn point
  • Multiple Turret weapons
  • Scoreboard shows kill/death ratio
  • Forcefield health indicators
  • Retrieve games can score with more flags than goals
  • New server commands: /setgloballevelscript, /setserverwelcome
  • Server flag to kick idle players
  • Add a comment to the level database in-game with new /comment command
  • Discord rich-presence integration


  • New stock Retrieve map
  • Host menu reorganization
  • Don't minimize game when switching away
  • Allow jumping to another recorded game in the playback UI
  • Read binary files from Lua
  • Turrets shoot faster
  • Allow larger Nexus scores in the editor


  • Fix editor screen mode bugs
  • Fix editor stall when moving many high vertex count objects
  • Fix editor rendering some objects wrong
  • Fix several other UI bugs
  • Fix bouncer server/client desync
  • Fix window creep in Linux X11
  • Fix server welcome message
  • Lua: Fix crashes with setPos and setGeom
  • Lua: Fix getLeadingTeam/Score


  • Seekers do not bounce off shields
  • Turret friendly fire is now disabled
  • Lua: Removal of some deprecated methods

Source Code

All project source and relevant support files can be found on the project's github page.