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Greetings all! I apologize for getting this going 12 hours late. The time has come to vote for your favorite maps unveiled in the Conspiracy Theories contest. If you have not seen every map, please refrain from voting––instead hop on over to the Contest Server, use the level change password...


...and THEN vote for your favorites.


As you may recall from the initial topic, I'm conducting a bit of an experiment with this voting cycle. While I have included the full quote below, the bottom line is that I need a preference scale: Your favorite map all the way to your fifth favorite!

VOTE HERE: https://goo.gl/forms/u84xyXmFQPUyAV5h2

I will close down voting on April 1 at midnight PST. Yes, I promise to be good and announce real results and not announce some fake news for April Fool's Day.

You can vote for your own maps, but don't be a douchelord and, say, vote yourself and your other two maps numbers 1-3, you know?

Quartz wrote:Instead of using a round-based system of voting until elimination, I will allow everyone to vote for their top five favorite maps, in order of preference, and determine the winner from that.

I will be throwing those results through a series of different election methods: Plurality, borda count, plurality with elimination, and pairwise comparison. It should make for interesting results. If you have questions about this, feel free to ask me, but suffice to say you can end up with different winners with each of these.

Accordingly, I will be offering a $5 prize via mailed cash, PayPal, Amazon, Steam, etc. to the winner of each election method. It’s possible one person could win with all four methods and win $20, and it’s also possible four different people could win, resulting in $5 for four different contestants.

For your reference: The list of maps.

2 Minutes to Midnight -- 2-Team Retrieve
Three flags, bottlenecks, and apocalyptic/nuclear imagery.

Homosexual Anura Speed Dating -- FFA Rabbit
Frog graphic in the middle, with big six-sided Star of David and Alex Jones references.

D.B.Cooper -- FFA Nexus
The level is the shape of a plane. Hostile turrets, Nexus covered by a Core.

Deepwater Horizon -- 2-Team Nexus
Close quarters Nexus brawl atop an oil rig graphic.

Jaws But With Penguins -- 1-Team Core
Asymmetrical survival/holdout against a legion of bots (penguins).

Jeff the Penguin -- FFA Bitmatch
1 minute, intermission-style map with penguins and a "Pengu? Pengu!" script.

RUSSIA -- 2-Team Retrieve
Large 4-flag retrieve map with a plethora of script-heavy goodness.

Pleiades is Skynet -- 9-Team Core
Massive core map with pieces from several prominent mapmakers.

Timecube -- FFA Rabbit
Rabbit map with map-clearing scripts and harsh words from the levelcontroller.

Bitfighter 020 -- 2-Team CTF
Seekers. Nothing but seekers.
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I like the Travian reference
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