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Jul-Aug 2020 Contest Voting: Round 3

Thanks to everyone who voted in Round 2! Six levels advanced in a thrillingly close voting round.

Moving on to Round 3 - VOTE HERE

  • Battering Ram 2
  • Bubblegum Wars Two, 2
  • Colossus II
  • Curly-Q-Revue
  • Revenge for the Emperors Revenge
  • Sharks & Minnows
Voted off the Island

  • Round 2: Conquest, Honeycomb Break-in, Mini Curly Q, Palaces, Pansexual Speed Dating, Spaceship Siege, War 2098, Zombies Survival II
  • Round 1: Cannons 2, Castle Lords, Curlier Q, Epic Mini Soccer, Intermission 3.0, MULTIBALL, Pac It In, Revenge 2: Back with a Vengeance, RTwP, Sequel! Figure Eight!, Skynet is Pleiades
Click here to view Round 2 voting analytics!

Round 3 Voting

Levels should be evaluated based on these criteria:

  • Level Design and Playability
  • Aesthetics/Visual Appeal
  • FUN!
Please try to vote based on the criteria above and don't simply pick your favorite levels. Of course, if the levels you pick are also your favorites, that's fine too!

» Click this link to vote! «

Voting will close this Friday, September 4th at 11:59pm Pacific. Ideally, three (3) levels will advance to the final round. If there is a natural division after four levels due to ties (for example a clear #1 and #2, but two levels tied for 3rd), then I'll advance four, but no more than four. If it's between advancing 5+ levels or two levels, then I'll advance just two and we'll do an oldschool head-to-head finale.

Other Details

  • Many levels were revised after the first contest party. Please ensure you have seen the final versions of each level prior to voting. All levels are final as of Sunday, Aug 16th.
  • My level(s) are eligible for voting, but can't win a cash prize. If I were to win the contest, the cash prizes would be awarded to the next highest-placing finishers.
  • I will message each voter on Discord or forums PM after voting to help ensure they are who they say they are. If you are very new or haven't been active in a while, please send me a message either here or on Discord after voting to confirm your vote.
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