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Jul-Aug-Sept 2020 Contest Voting: RESULTS!

The final round of voting has concluded! Thanks to everyone who took part. In particular...

Thanks to Quartz for being the first person to submit a level and for submitting great feedback. Thanks to Raptor for hosting the server and being so quick to upload changes. Thanks to Footie for offering constructive thoughts and for so dang tough to blast during our games! Thanks to Bobdaduck for creating a fun levelgen and putting up with my discord double-checking. Thanks to Skybax for contributing to the Curly Q craziness and submitting level revisions. Thanks to Little Apple for encouraging people to vote, vote, vote! Thanks to Arctic for the hilarious remake of Revenge. Thanks to Santiago for wowing us with color contrasts and colorful reviews. Thanks to Invader Alex for inspiring me to check out cool music while zapping foes on Honeycomb Break-in. Thanks to Numbers, Magic Nacho, and Zero for playing through the levels and voting despite being relatively new-ish. Thanks to Furbuggy for the vote attempt, you got a chuckle out of me. Thanks to anyone else I might've missed who played during a contest party or contributed in some way to the contest!

Ok, now drumroll please...

Congratulations to Colossus II, winner of the 'Sequels' level design contest! Sharks & Minnows finished second, and Revenge for the Emperors' Revenge finished third. Click here to view how the final round of voting played out. Note: Invader Alex had a duplicate vote that was removed but it may still show up in the analytics.

Full Results and Level-Makers

  • 1. Colossus IISky_lark
  • 2. Sharks & MinnowsArctic
  • 3. Revenge for the Emperors' RevengeSky_lark
  • 4-Tie. Curly-Q-RevueLittle Apple
  • 4-Tie. Battering Ram 2Arctic
  • 6. Bubblegum Wars Two, 2Bobdaduck
  • 7-T. Mini Curly QSky_lark
  • 7-T. ConquestSky_lark
  • 9. Zombies Survival IIArctic
  • 10-T. Pansexual Speed DatingQuartz
  • 10-T. PalacesSkybax
  • 12-T. Honeycomb Break-inInvader Alex
  • 12-T. Spaceship SiegeSky_lark
  • 14. War 2098Sky_lark
  • 15. Epic Mini SoccerSky_lark
  • 16. Curlier QSkybax
  • 17-T. Castle LordsQuartz
  • 17-T. Revenge 2: Back with a VengeanceArctic
  • 19. Skynet is PleiadesQuartz
  • 20. RTwPQuartz
  • 21-T. Sequel! Figure Eight!Santiago Zap
  • 21-T. MULTIBALLQuartz
  • 21-T. Cannons 2Arctic
  • 21-T. Intermission 3.0Sky_lark
  • 21-T. Pac It InSky_lark
Levels by Author

  • Sky_lark (9)Colossus II, Conquest, Epic Mini Soccer, Intermission 3.0, Mini Curly Q, Pac It In, Revenge for the Emperors' Revenge, Spaceship Siege, War 2098
  • Quartz (5)Castle Lords, MULTIBALL, Pansexual Speed Dating, RTwP, Skynet is Pleiades
  • Arctic (5)Battering Ram 2, Cannons 2, Revenge 2: Back with a Vengeance, Sharks & Minnows, Zombies Survival II
  • Skybax (2)Curlier Q, Palaces
  • Bobdaduck (1)Bubble Gum Wars Two 2
  • Invader Alex (1)Honeycomb Break-in
  • Little Apple (1)Curly-Q-Revue
  • Santiago Zap (1)Sequel! Figure Eight!
Contest Wrap-up

As I mentioned previously I would not be eligible for the cash prize and it would filter down to the next finisher. Arctic also asked to be excluded from the cash prize. Therefore, I will be sending the first place prize of $15 to Little Apple and the second place prize of $5 to Bobdaduck. I'll message y'all to coordinate that this week.

I strongly encourage folks to upload their levels to Pleiades! Feel free to add more time (RTwP and Revenge for Emperors Revenge could probably use it) or make other tweaks. Also, I'll be sending out a post-contest survey in a few days, so please check that out when it arrives so I can know what to improve upon for the future.

Until next time, have a great week and stay safe!
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