Post Mon Jan 04, 2021 8:22 pm

End of Year Contest: First Round of Voting

Thanks to everyone who has participated in the End of Year Level Design Contest! Be it making levels, playing in parties, giving feedback or reviews, hosting servers, etc this was a great contest.

The first round of voting is now open. Voting will close Thursday, January 7th at 11:59pm Eastern. Per feedback, there will not be any extensions, to ensure voting doesn't last too long.

NEW: Multiple ways to vote!

For the latter, choose four (4) levels for each theme you think meet the criteria the best (see below). Rank them in order, with #1 being the best fit, and send me that.

Judgement Criteria
Levels should be judged on the following criteria:

  • Level Design and Playability - Is the level designed and balanced well? Does it play smoothly?
  • Aesthetics/Visual Appeal - Is the level enjoyable to look at? There doesn't need to be artwork, but it shouldn't be visually jarring (unless that was for the theme, in which case skip this).
  • Adherence to the Theme - Does the level fit either theme? (2020 reference or holiday between Oct 31-Jan 1)
  • Fun - Is the level fun to play? Would you want to play it again?
Please try to judge levels based on the criteria and not simply picking your favorite level (though in many cases these overlap, which is fine).

Secret Word
In the last contest I confirmed everyone's vote via PM to mitigate potential cheating (past contests have had cheating). This was a bit cumbersome, so to make this step easier, just create one unique word or phrase and send me a copy of it via forum PM or Discord. Then for each voting stage, enter that word and I'll know it's you. :)
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