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Anything Goes Contest: Results!

PostPosted: Sun Jun 27, 2021 4:27 pm
by sky_lark
The results are in for the Anything Goes contest! Drumroll please...

Congrats to An Ode to Synthwave by Quartz!! Well deserved. Full results below.

    1. An Ode to Synthwave (ZC) - Quartz
    2. Chaos Theory (NEX) - Skybax
    3. Forcefield Fortress (CTF) - Arctic
    4. Ridge (CTF) - Arctic
    5. Nested (RET) - Numbers
    5. Death Bump (HTF) - Sky_lark
    5. Pep Pep Er Oni (BM) - Skybax
    8. Super Smash Hoes (BM/Survival) - Quartz
    9. Anchor (RET) - Skybax
    10. LED But Worse (HTF) - Quartz
    11. Assault (RET) - Arctic
    11. Clogged Pipes (CTF) - Numbers
    11. Definitely (COR) - Bobdaduck
    11. Geode (RET) - Numbers
    11. Rave for Downers (BM) - Quartz
    11. Spawn Tax (SOC/Race) - Numbers
    11. The Level You'll Vote For (COR) - Quartz
    11. Zombies Survival III (COR/Survival) - Arctic
And the voting-ineligible levels: Boss Battles (RET/Offense Defense), Construction (CTF), Containment (COR/SOC), Release the Kraken (CTF), Rigatoni Rugby (COR/SOC), all by Sky_lark

Unfortunately I couldn't get the mystery prize sorted, so in lieu of that, Quartz, enjoy an in-game badge and $25 via Paypal, Venmo, Cash App, Crypto, gift card, or donation. I'll be in touch.

Thanks to everyone who made levels, attended parties, wrote feedback/reviews, hosted the contest server, and voted! It was a fun contest and I'm proud of the levels folks made.

I'm probably not gonna have time to organize another Bitfighter activity until September, but if you'd like to organize a contest, BBB or party please by all means go for it! And I'll try to partake in that. :)