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Anything Goes Contest: Results!

The results are in for the Anything Goes contest! Drumroll please...

Congrats to An Ode to Synthwave by Quartz!! Well deserved. Full results below.

    1. An Ode to Synthwave (ZC) - Quartz
    2. Chaos Theory (NEX) - Skybax
    3. Forcefield Fortress (CTF) - Arctic
    4. Ridge (CTF) - Arctic
    5. Nested (RET) - Numbers
    5. Death Bump (HTF) - Sky_lark
    5. Pep Pep Er Oni (BM) - Skybax
    8. Super Smash Hoes (BM/Survival) - Quartz
    9. Anchor (RET) - Skybax
    10. LED But Worse (HTF) - Quartz
    11. Assault (RET) - Arctic
    11. Clogged Pipes (CTF) - Numbers
    11. Definitely (COR) - Bobdaduck
    11. Geode (RET) - Numbers
    11. Rave for Downers (BM) - Quartz
    11. Spawn Tax (SOC/Race) - Numbers
    11. The Level You'll Vote For (COR) - Quartz
    11. Zombies Survival III (COR/Survival) - Arctic
And the voting-ineligible levels: Boss Battles (RET/Offense Defense), Construction (CTF), Containment (COR/SOC), Release the Kraken (CTF), Rigatoni Rugby (COR/SOC), all by Sky_lark

Unfortunately I couldn't get the mystery prize sorted, so in lieu of that, Quartz, enjoy an in-game badge and $25 via Paypal, Venmo, Cash App, Crypto, gift card, or donation. I'll be in touch.

Thanks to everyone who made levels, attended parties, wrote feedback/reviews, hosted the contest server, and voted! It was a fun contest and I'm proud of the levels folks made.

I'm probably not gonna have time to organize another Bitfighter activity until September, but if you'd like to organize a contest, BBB or party please by all means go for it! And I'll try to partake in that. :)
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