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Big Bitfighter Battle XII - Sunday, November 8th!

PostPosted: Mon Oct 19, 2020 6:52 pm
by sky_lark
Hey all, it's somehow been six years since the last Big Bitfighter Battle, and while we've had some fun parties and contests since then, there's nothing quite like the BBBs. Let's give another one a whirl!

If you're unfamiliar with Big Bitfighter Battles, they were ran by _k and raptor in 2010-14. The original was a whopping six hour marathon with over 40 matches! BBBs have scaled down a bit but are still a ton of fun: Play a bunch of levels and try to rack up wins, with the top dog receiving a small prize.

BBB 12 Overview

  • BBB 12 will begin Sunday, November 8th at 9:00pm and last for around three hours.
  • The event will consist of 39 total levels lasting 4-5 min each, though some may have shorter or longer timers.
  • There will be a 20-minute break occurring after the 20th level concludes. The 21st level will begin exactly 20 minutes later.
  • Bobdaduck’s Overtime script will be in effect. If the score is tied at the end of the match, one additional minute will be added to the match timer. Note: This is NOT sudden death/next point wins -- Play for the full minute! If the score is tied after one extra minute elapses, then the match is over.
  • The exact level playlist and order will be released by Saturday, November 7th. If you’d like to submit a level for consideration, comment it below or message me! I’d love to include a few brand new levels too if you’re working on some.
Scoring Format

  • In general, if you or your team wins a match, you get one point. The player with the most points is BBB Champion! There are some nuances, but that’s the gist of it.
  • For FFA matches, the top THREE finishers will each receive one point. If there is a tie that extends out of the top three, each of the tied players will receive one point.
  • If a tie occurs in a team match, and overtime does not resolve the tie, each of the tied players will receive half a point.

  • The BBB Champion will receive $20.20 via Paypal, Venmo, or gift card.* If Arctic or I win, the money will go to next place.
  • The "Ultimate Loser" (actively plays at least 25+ levels and has the WORST record) will receive a $2 consolation prize.* :) They can also have it donated to a charity they choose.
  • In the event of a tie for first or last, tied players may choose to split the pot evenly or have a Bot Battle to determine the winner (ie. have s_bots duke it out in a small arena). Note: Tied players must agree for a Bot Battle to occur.
I'll post some eligibility rules in the next reply (basically don't switch teams unless it's for balance), but that's the important stuff. Should be a lot of fun, look forward to seeing y'all in three-ish weeks!

*Note: Prizes will only be awarded if at least 10 matches are played with at least 10 simultaneous, active-ish players in each match (ie. not just afk). This should be an easy bar to clear -- most BBBs and parties get 15-20+ players.

Re: Big Bitfighter Battle XII - Sunday, November 8th!

PostPosted: Mon Oct 19, 2020 6:54 pm
by sky_lark
Eligibility rules are below, but feel free to skip this. The only pertinent information is don't switch teams unless it's to balance them, but that doesn't usually happen in parties anyway.


Team Switching
  • In general, if you switch teams during a match, you will be disqualified for that match. You can still play, you just won’t earn a point if your team wins. There are two exceptions:
  • First, if you leave and return within ~30 seconds and wish to switch back to the team you were previously on, then you won't face disqualification for that match, so long as your switching didn't cause a notable imbalance.
  • Second, if you switch from a winning team to a losing team to balance the teams, you will not face disqualification for that match, though you will only be eligible to earn a point with the team you switch to.
Time on Winning Team
  • In order to earn a point in a team match, players must have been on the winning team for at least half of the total elapsed time. For example, if a match finishes in 4 min, 20 sec, then members of the winning team must have played on the winning team for at least 2 min, 10 sec in order to earn their point. Therefore, individuals who show up last moment and happen to be on the winning team won’t earn a point.
  • Individuals who play on the winning team for at least half of the total elapsed time, but leave prior to the conclusion of the match, will still earn a point for that match.
  • For FFA matches there is no minimum time limit to earn a point.

Re: Big Bitfighter Battle XII - Sunday, November 8th!

PostPosted: Tue Oct 20, 2020 4:26 pm
by Fordcars
six years

This is gonna be fun.

Re: Big Bitfighter Battle XII - Sunday, November 8th!

PostPosted: Wed Oct 28, 2020 8:47 am
by sky_lark
We are a little more than a week and a half from the 12th annual-ish Big Bitfighter Battle! Dust off those blaster cannons and break out the shield modules, invite some friends to this corner of the galaxy, and let's play!

By the way -- I figure some folks might like to get some practice rounds in before the big game. The levels playlist should be released that Friday, so why don't we play a few games that evening? I'm thinking Friday, November 6th at 10:00pm Eastern.

No need to commit or anything -- if you're available, just hop in. We'll play some rounds with whoever we have :)

Re: Big Bitfighter Battle XII - Sunday, November 8th!

PostPosted: Fri Nov 06, 2020 4:23 pm
by sky_lark
Busy week and I need a bit more time to put the level playlist together. It should be out later tonight or tomorrow sometime. For tonight's mini warm-up party at 10:00pm Eastern, we can just hop onto Pleiades or another server.

See y'all Sunday! (And for those of you wanting to play tonight, see y'all then as well!)

Re: Big Bitfighter Battle XII - Sunday, November 8th!

PostPosted: Fri Nov 06, 2020 9:49 pm
by sky_lark
Thanks for playing Numbers, Zero, Santiago, Arctic, Steg, and Invader Alex! Fun games tonight. Looking forward to playing the epic Big Bitfighter Battle this Sunday, Nov 8th at 9:00pm Eastern!

As a reminder, for the cash prize to be awarded we need to have at least 10+ games of 10 simultaneous, active-ish players. This should be an easy bar to clear, but just in case, invite friends! This is a great time to show them Bitfighter anyway :)

Re: Big Bitfighter Battle XII - Sunday, November 8th!

PostPosted: Sat Nov 07, 2020 11:58 pm
by sky_lark
Below is the order of the levels for the Big Bitfighter Battle. Feel free to check it out if you want to prepare, or skip if you want to be surprised. Some important notes:

  • The time caps and score caps were modified for many levels. Nearly all levels have time caps of 4-5 minutes, though there are a couple shorter and one longer (War Path, 10 minutes).
  • In total, the time caps add up to 2 hours 40 minutes, so with the break level being 20 minutes, the latest we should be done is around midnight Eastern, or three hours after start.
  • The overtime script could extend the length of some levels, but many levels will likely hit the score cap before the time cap, so that should balance things out.
  • Every level is played once except for One Life Only and Search and Destroy, which are played twice (not back to back though).
BBB 12 Level Playlist

    WARM-UP MAP (before 9pm EST, optional): RTwP
    1. [CTF] Bottle o' Fun - by Zemmer
    2. [SOC] Screwball - by Little Apple
    3. [ZC] Gearlock - by Zemmer
    4. [CTF] Forcefield Crossing - by Sam686
    5. [RET] One Life Only (Round 1 of 2)* - by Sky_lark
    6. [ZC] Snail World - by Quartz
    7. [RET] Viva La Muerte - by Little Apple
    8. [RAB] Lots Of Junk I Hope You Lag - by Drex
    9. [HTF] Bitwise Orrery - by Qui
    10. [ZC] Phoenix - by Quartz
    11. [CTF] Eden - by Absolute
    12. [SOC] Linear Scaffold - by Little Apple
    13. [TBM] Search and Destroy (Round 1 of 2)* - by Quartz
    14. [CTF] Triple Point Stars - by Sam686
    15. [NEX] Florish - by Kaen
    16. [CTF] Incursion Flags - by Qui
    17. [SOC] Epic Mini Soccer - by Sky_lark
    18. [BM] Bar Fight - by Quartz
    19. [CTF] Boxish - by Iwin
    20. [COR] War Path - by Arctic
    BREAK MAP (20 minutes exactly): Death Star
    21. [CTF] Poison - by Arctic
    22. [SOC] Rounded Soccer - by Zemmer
    23. [NEX] Lord Spooky's Halloween Bash - by Little Apple
    24. [ZC] Trust - by C. Bob or Linkin (Iwin)
    25. [HTF] Rumble for Planet 7 - by Thread
    26. [RET] Basic Cave - by Arctic
    27. [ZC] Base Control - by Kaen
    28. [RET] UnderRecover - by Qui or Furbuggy
    29. [BM] Boxing - by Iwin
    30. [CTF] All of My Hate - by Invader Alex
    31. [RET] One Life Only (Round 2 of 2)* - by Sky_lark
    32. [RAB] Omnispace - by Thread
    33. [TNEX] Deepwater Horizon - by Zemmer
    34. [CTF] The Tangle Box - by Mark Frohnmayer?
    35. [TBM] Search and Destroy (Round 2 of 2)* - by Quartz
    36. [COR] Retribution - by Little Apple
    37. [ZC] Gone - by Drex
    38. [SOC] Speed Soccer - by Sam686
    39. [BM] ??? Mystery Finale Level - by ???
Total levels by game mode: CTF (9), ZC (6), RET (5), SOC (5), BM (3), Team BM (2), RAB (2), HTF (2), COR (2), NEX (2), Team NEX (1)

*Due to the volatility of One Life Only and Search and Destroy (team balance being a major factor), winning team members will receive half a point on each of these rounds, instead of one point each.

Re: Big Bitfighter Battle XII - Sunday, November 8th!

PostPosted: Sun Nov 08, 2020 12:56 pm
by sky_lark
The Big Bitfighter Battle is TONIGHT! (Sun, Nov 8th)

The fun begins at 9:00pm EST. $20 to the winner! See y'all then!