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SDL2 for Bitfighter on Linux



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Post Mon Feb 17, 2014 11:41 pm

SDL2 for Bitfighter on Linux

Will it happen once Debian 8 gets released? (November 2014)


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Re: SDL2 for Bitfighter on Linux

As I mentioned in the IRC channel: SDL2 is already supported on Linux and can be used by package maintainers if they so choose. They would be the ones to poke about compiling the game with it. The relevant cmake flag when setting up a package would be:

cmake -DUSE_SDL2=1

It isn't the default on Linux because only the latest, most popular Linux distributions that have released since SDL2 was released would have it - and I would guess that most Linux users aren't on those specific distribution versions. (I myself am on openSUSE 12.3 which doesn't have SDL2 in the main repo.. but the recently released openSUSE 13.1 does.)

I would probably make it the default for the next release, though, with a warning that SDL 1.2 is still available if it can't find SDL2.

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