Post Thu Sep 12, 2019 12:54 pm

Team Colored Projectiles.

Hey amgine here (im back :p)

One thing that has come to my attention that I have thought of is projectile visibility

In Team games all projectiles are the same colors so its hard to tell your teams shots from your enemys to tell what to dodge to survive.

A proposed change would be that projectiles would be colored to the team they are comng from IE red phaser bullets red blue blue.

Not only does this make dodging and surviving mroe viable and fun it adds color and life to the game

In Bit match Each player ship would be assigned a different color to help distinguish this.

A potential con I could see from this is players could make projectiles black to make them hard to see but a white outline could help with this.

What are your guys thoughts

Cheers Amgine
Bitfighter Forever.