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I will be packing...

PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2014 1:34 pm
by Zapgamer

That damn Zapgamer you always loved since Z.A.P.! or 2005! Known as [BOT]MotoBot was my first name, then I went on from that name to Zapgamer as soon as Bitfighter came out, I miss the old ZAP! by GarageGames, sucks they shut down the master server, yet here's Bitfighter, not apart form the original ZAP! concept, just better! InstantAction had ZAP! too, but InstantAction was shut down by CEO of GarageGames, my favourite gaming site when I was young, spent $50 dollars on it for some shit but oh well!

Let me introduce myself, My name is Zapgamer, I was playing ZAP!/Bitfighter ever since it came out, I am not a noob, nor a expert, but I am just here to have some fun! I don't care if I turn out the best player, or the dumbest, but it all relays on how fun this game is and how classic it is.

Very few you know my age, now I reveal, I am actually a teenager, that's 13. Sound crazy, doesn't it? Well... Not quite, I mean, maybe, there is teenagers on the Internet too, amirite? (Am I right?) So, that'll make me 5 years old when I started playing Z.A.P.! That's from a young age, don't you think? I am a furry and a brony at the same time. Don't hate, if you hate, take your rage out on me now. I will not care about these "hate" you call on me.

Why is this topic here and why the "packing..."

Well basically, it means. GET READY!?

I'll be leaving Bitfighter...

'Tis may be a sad moment for you guys, but ever since the Master Server got hacked, I pretty much am left with 1-2 badges. Was kidding, earned all them back! + Remember when alot of people played, about a shitload on the BBB? (Big Bitfighter Battle?) Well. A lot of those people are gone, since the Bitfighter master server was almost down for an entire month, I was left sitting in the dark for this whole time...

I will give out my favourite people now... I'm Canadian too, eh?

Fordcars - Best friend/person I've talked to, funny, creative, helpful at times.

Sam686 - Don't know what your numbers are in your name but you are the most creative person when it comes to levels, this is an honest fact about you.

Raptor - Admin, watchdog of Bitfighter, playful.

Sky_Lark - Creative when comes to level design. Competitive. The event runner of Bitfighter.

Invader Alex/IA, or whoever you are. - Was always a big fan of you, taught me how to play better on this shoot 'em up game, where did you go man?

Finally, k... k-k... KAAAEEEENNNN!- *Cough* sorry, Kaen. - Funny, competitive, that kind of "chill" guy, if I don't forget, map maker and script-er. Don't know if you still are or were or never were but I still remember you from the start. You may not remember me but I do remember you.

I forgot one dude...

Soccerdude61 - Shown me to Bitfighter, if I never found this guy, I would've never been here.

And that ends it all. Here I go...

It has been fun. Good times...


Re: I will be packing...

PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2014 4:41 pm
by Fordcars
Zapgamer wrote:Fordcars - Best friend/person I've talked to, funny, creative, helpful at times.

Wow, that really warmed my heart.

I am a Canadian teenager too, actually, so, eh

It really sucks that you are leaving. I believe you were part of the first 4 people that played with on Bitfighter (I believe we were you, Opti, Footloose and some other dude or dudette). We still do have some veterans, but bobdaduck left us for a mission for 2 years. I agree a lot of good players are now gone to another game (like shit LoL), but they might come back.

The community is currently brainstorming ideas for finding ways to get more players onto Bitfighter. If one of those work, please come back and show off your badges to the 'team chatting n00bs'.



Re: I will be packing...

PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2014 7:30 pm
by sky_lark
Sorry to hear that you're heading out. Do come back and visit us. Bitfighter's popularity seems to fluctuate sometimes but hopefully it'll perk up again soon.

If you'd like, keep an eye on the forums about once per week. I plan to continue hosting parties on a weekly basis. If there's any time that will draw in a crowd, it's during one of those parties. So hope to see ya there sometime. Best of luck!

Re: I will be packing...

PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2014 8:56 pm
by Quartz
I never understand the point in "quitting." Why does it have to be so official and such? Interest in the game fluctuates, I understand that. "Quitting" implies you'll never, ever play again. I haven't played seriously in some time, I haven't made maps in some time, but I know I will again at some point when I become reinvigorated.

So take a break, take a hiatus; but this "quitting" stuff is melodramatic and naïve.

Re: I will be packing...

PostPosted: Tue Nov 25, 2014 1:27 pm
by amgine
Well come back some time :]