Post Wed Nov 20, 2013 12:19 am

other games lets play!

ayone eanna get together and play something?

i havent really kept up to date with modern games like tf2 or sc2, im yhinking more the browser sort which is mor often cross compatible between mac and pc. and free. oh boy cant forget free.
would anyone be up to it and what kind of game would u play? im more the strategy kind of guy e.g. RISK (theres a whole buncha sites with games like risk or diplomacy)
checkers. cards if theres a good app? i dont do pokemon or yugioh. or stuff like dnd
that said if anyone has age of empires 2 or 1 id be willing to try seeing if i can fix my copy. i have THOSE games (but not the steam version), just some extreme technical difficulties with making multiplayer work.
Play my new level! Two different teams fight over a nexus: One mainly defends while the other attacks! is fun