Post Wed Mar 05, 2014 9:20 pm


GALCON: discovered this in the app store. tries out Galcon Lite (The demo). i want galcon fusion now (It's 1.99). you guys should try it if you have an ipad ;)
note that galcon lite is listed as an iphone app. galcon fusion is the full app. it's like the diff between bitfighter with just bitmatch and all the modes.

Gate 88
It's free, and runs on PowerPC. it looked similar to Bitfighter at first glance, but they're not really alike. My five minute review...

First the text is worse than anything I've seen, even in a DOS machine. Horrible graphics. Anyway, controls.

Arrow keys to move, W for radar, D to fire lasers, and S to place the command post. Hold Q to bring up build menu. Hit the arrow keys while in the menu to build different things. Research Post, Factory, Power Generator and Time bomb
Play my new level! Two different teams fight over a nexus: One mainly defends while the other attacks! is fun