Post Thu Jul 15, 2021 10:36 pm

Bobdaduck's Levelmaking Party Event: Team Asteroids

Posted here in case anyone doesn't use Discord. Bobdaduck, feel free to delete this and create your own thread (or edit it outright if you have those permissions)!

  • 1. Make levels with teamed asteroids (new feature in 022), as subtle level features or central level features, whatever you like or strikes your creative fancy, of any gametype
  • 2. Send the levels to Bobdaduck
  • 3. Bobdaduck will host or make Raptor host a server featuring all the levels on Thursday, July 22nd
  • 4. There will be a discussion and feedback thread on the forums, but no voting rounds
  • 5. No limit to the number of submissions
Should be fun!!
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