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3 Team Capture The Flag
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/dlmap honeycomb_breakout_ctf


Originally created by Invader Alex, edited by Skybax




Classic. Visually pleasing. It favors imbalance a little -- teams with more players can cut through lasers more quickly -- but after a few minutes most of the lasers are cut down anyway. The suspense in not knowing where your enemies are cutting through is pretty awesome. History: This was created by Invader Alex for the October 2008 level design contest and it won first place. There is another version that was HTF with hostile laserbeams in the middle instead of colored, and which one was his version. I can't remember much else, hopefully someone else can fill in some of the details? I like the repairable laserbeams in this version, and the one flag aspect in the HTF version.
Can you do a review of all my levels? xD
This is one of my favorite levels: it looks good, and it plays really well. And it has 3-way symmetry, which I always like.