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2 Team Core
To download this map while playing Bitfighter, type:
/dlmap colossus


This level was an entrant in the December 2013 level design contest. (http://bitfighter.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=2222) It placed 1st out of 19 levels in the "Most Improved" category and 4th out of 19 levels in the "Best Overall" category. Colossus challenges players to survive at all costs. Each team has 20 lives to collectively share. (Think "spawn tickets" in the Battlefield series.) Once all lives are exhausted, players will no longer spawn in the Arena and instead spawn in Jail. Once this occurs, any players still alive in the Arena may free their teammates from the Jail, but if they die are sent to Jail as well. Once a team's 20 lives are exhausted, their Core is vulnerable and may be attacked by the enemy team. At this point is the responsibility of players in the Arena to free teammates from Jail, repair Jail defenses to ensure it remains open, and defend their Core. These players may also continue to kill enemies in an attempt to exhaust THEIR pool of 20 lives. The level looks a bit complicated, but it is entirely automated. At the beginning of the level there is a short delay for players to familiarize themselves with the Arena, Jail, and Core rooms. Good luck!