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2 Team Capture The Flag
To download this map while playing Bitfighter, type:
/dlmap riot_ctf


This level was an entrant in the December 2013 level design contest. (http://bitfighter.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=2222) It placed 4th out of 19 levels in the "Most Improved" category and tied for 6th out of 19 levels in the "Best Overall" category. Riot CTF drew inspiration by classic Zap! and Bitfighter competitive levels. Choose from three pathways to gain entrance into the enemy base. Repair neutral turrets and lasers to spread dominance. Meanwhile, defend your base from enemy assailants. The level features a unique "emergency" teleporter that leads directly to the enemy base. However, it can only respawn once every minute, so use it wisely! Tip: If an enemy drops a flag in their Emergency area in an attempt to exploit the level, fire bouncers through a small slit to destroy the laser and gain access. Update: This level is an updated version of the original Riot that participated in the December 2013 level design contest. It is CTF instead of RET, resulting in smoother gameplay and a more winnable outcome. Additionally, the new level features aesthetics upgrades and minor gameplay enhancements.