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2 Team Capture The Flag
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/dlmap year_of_the_doge


This level was an entrant in the November 2013 level design contest. (http://bitfighter.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=2170) It qualified for round 2 out of 3. New: Updated! Includes improved aesthetics, laserbeam defenses, greater accessibility, and no more surprise asteroids (thank dog). Year of the Doge is a simple CTF level with a bit of a silly side. It depicts the popular doge meme, featuring text strewn throughout the level and a twist on the innocent doge face – obey doge! There's a special one-way speedzone channel as well as a pair of horizontal speedzones which to be quite honest are totally useless.




One of the many times in life where I woulds say "artistic is not far from autistic."