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/dlmap the_last_resource_items


Idea by amgine - use the resource item(s) to engineer a teleport into the flag area. Place the input anywhere (ideally, in your base) and the output inside the dotted walls. Then go in the portal to cap the flag. Idea is to fight over resource items instead of traditional flags. There's some strategy involved with how to defend the resource items. Tip: If you're losing and having trouble keeping a portal up in your base for long enough, try placing the input in the neutral area instead of your base. It's risky as enemy players will be able to use it or shoot it as well, but it can be done to quickly make up some points.




hahahaha, genius
Updated to hopefully make it less camp-y. There will probably always be a camping aspect to it with small # of players due to the mechanic, but it's a bit more mitigated now.