Hosting a Dedicated Server in OS X

From Bitfighter

The Bitfighter program can be launched into a headless dedicated server mode by executing the program in the Terminal using the "-dedicated" argument.

The core program is located at "[path to]/Contents/MacOS/Bitfighter", so just type that in and add " -dedicated" to the end and hit enter.

If your copy of Bitfighter is in your Applications folder, you'd type this into Terminal: /Applications/ -dedicated

This will launch an instance of Bitfighter in a headless dedicated server mode.

To make it more convenient, you can make a command file to launch it for you. Type the command into a plain text editor and save it with the extension ".command". Then give it the necessary permission: open a Terminal window, type "chmod a+x", drag the file in and hit enter.

You can add more arguments to apply temporary settings that override settings in the bitfighter.ini. Arguments are listed at this page: Command line parameters