Hosting a dedicated server on Windows

From Bitfighter

1.Create a shortcut to "bitfighter".

2.Right click on the shortcut, click "Properties".

3.Where it says "Target:" it should say something like ""C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\bitfighter\bitfighter.exe"" put a space after this and type in -dedicated. Click "Apply", then click "Ok".

Now, all you have to do to launch your server is to click on the shortcut. To edit the server name and other details, open the bitfighter.ini hosting section in %appdata by typing %appdata in run (in start menu) or just open the normal Bitfighter game and click "Host Game". You can make changes to your server there. Make sure you click the "Start Hosting" button to save your changes. After, you can quit Bitfighter and your server will be ready!

Guide by: Cracatoa

Other editors: fordcars