Updating a Linux server to the latest code

From Bitfighter

If you are running a dedicated server on a Linux system, you may wish to update to the latest release when a new version of Bitfighter comes out; or, you may wish to update to a specific revision past a release that fixes an annoying bug.

If you have a dedicated server running, then you have already checked out the code from mercurial sometime in the past by running something like:

hg clone https://bitfighter.googlecode.com/hg/ bitfighter

Where 'bitfighter' is the local repository directory.

The following steps will let you update to the latest edition:

  1. Pull all changes into your local directory ('bitfighter') by running:
    • cd /path/to/bitfighter/
    • hg pull
  2. Update to the revision you wish:
    • hg up <revision> - where <revision> is the revision id or release tag
    • Examples:
      • hg up 30a1691c1323
      • hg up bitfighter-015a
  3. Run the following to clean out the old sources
    • make clean
  4. Run the following to rebuild the bitfighter server
    • make dedicated
  5. Restart your server
  6. Done!