Ideas for triggers

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A working list of ideas for triggers that could cause execution of code in a robot or supervisor script. Remember that robots are a kind of ship, so, generally, there's no need differentiate the two. ---

// Here, zone could be any polygonal entity: loadout zones, nexus, goal zones, etc.
onShipEnteredZone(ship, zone) 
onShipLeftZone(ship, zone)

onFlagGrabbed(flag, ship)
onFlagDropped(flag, dropper)

onShipDamaged(ship, damager)
onShipKilled(ship, killer)

onTurretKilled(turret, killer)
onForceFieldKilled(forcefield, killer)

onTeamScored(team, score, scoringEvent, scoringShip)
onIndividualScored(scoringShip, score, scoringEvent)
onLeadingTeamChanged(team, previousLeadingTeam)
onLeadingPlayerChanged(player, previousLeadingPlayer)

onAsteroidShot(asteroid, shooter)
onAsteroidDestroyed(asteroid, shooter)

onHealthPackUsed(healthpack, ship)

onTurretSelectedTarget(turret, target)
onTurretFired(turret, target)

// Game specific events: named on<Game>EventName

onNexusFlagCollected(flag, ship)

onRabbitKilled(rabbit, killer)

onZoneControlZoneCaptured(zone, capturer)
onZoneControlTouchDownScored(scoringShip) ( or onZonesReset() )

onHTFFlagReturnedToZone(flag, zone, returner)
onHTFFlagRemovedFromZone(flag, zone, taker)

onSoccerBallPossesionChanged(ball, possessingShip, previousPossesser)
onSoccerGoalScored(ball, goal, scorer)
onSoccerBallReset(ball) (when ball actually arrives back at starting position)