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IRC Log for 2013-02-20

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00:36:19raptorok, off to home
00:36:27raptori think Watusimoto_ probably fell asleep
00:36:36raptori want his input on the link to social media sites..
00:36:49raptorbut he'd probably be ok with it
00:36:52raptoroh hi
00:37:04Watusimoto_good night
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03:24:55Fordcarshi plats
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04:20:53PlatskiesHi Fordcars
04:21:33Fordcarshi plats
04:21:35PlatskiesWho's hosting the "LittleMonkey" server? I'm getting about 90 ping
04:21:55Fordcarseuh, dunno
04:21:57PlatskiesDammit, "server connection problems"
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04:37:59Fordcarshi rap
04:38:11raptorrat pro reporting for duty
04:38:30Fordcarswow that messes with my mind
04:38:52Fordcarsrap tor rat por rat pro whoa
04:39:21raptoryay anagrams
04:39:30raptoror part
04:39:36raptortar pro
04:39:40Platskiesraptor: is there someone on the forums hosting the LittleMonkey server?
04:39:49PlatskiesIt's got a really nice ping for me!
04:39:56raptorPlatskies: i don't know whose server that is...
04:40:09Platskiesyeah, I get about 80-100
04:40:09raptorlet me do some digging to see if i can find out..
04:40:23Platskiestraceroute oh yeah
04:40:33FordcarsI got around 370 ping on it
04:40:49raptorwow, i get over 200
04:40:55raptormust be across the bigger pond
04:41:07Fordcarsyeah :P
04:41:46PlatskiesI think it's in Sydney
04:41:57Platskies(capital of my state)
04:42:08Platskiesabout an hours drive from where I live
04:42:16FordcarsAustralia, right?
04:42:34Fordcarsnice :P
04:42:40raptorok, found a client with the same IP
04:42:45raptornickname is: Nick
04:43:17FordcarsI think I saw him once
04:43:25Platskiesraptor: in the lobby?
04:43:28raptorPlatskies: you're looking for 'Nick'
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05:00:04PlatskiesI'd probably be better if I had a mouse with more physical buttons :P
05:03:53raptorthe lag spikes on that server probably mean it's on a cheap shared VPS
05:04:57Platskiesdo you know if it's possible in the editor to add points to an existing wall?
05:05:09raptorright-click in the middle of a barrier
05:05:15raptoror edge of a polywall
05:05:18PlatskiesOh, ok
05:05:21raptorshould add a point
05:05:59PlatskiesIt'd be nice if the new point could be outside the existing path
05:06:27raptorjust draw a new barrier, then click the two and press 'j' to join
05:06:33raptor(I think)
05:06:45raptorbeen a while since i've actually used the editor to create something..
05:07:04Platskiesj doesn't work
05:07:13raptorhmm... let me look again
05:07:28raptoryou can press F1 to see all the functions. there are a few pages
05:07:38PlatskiesOh thanks
05:07:45PlatskiesSeems useful
05:07:56raptorok, 'j' does work, but only if they share a point
05:08:21PlatskiesOh ok
05:08:28PlatskiesThey mention joining on page 3
05:08:50raptorsplitting is possible, too
05:09:16PlatskiesAwesome, that's handy too
05:19:32Platskiesis this a bug? I can't join two lines' by their 0th point
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06:01:28PlatskiesHey bob
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06:36:07Platskiesraptor: I haven't looked at any of the game's documentation, but I want to see if a sort-of singleplayer map is possible
06:36:45Platskiesbasically can turret and force field health be reset when you die?
06:36:55raptorhi Platskies
06:37:03raptoryou're probably thinking of a dungeon type map
06:37:09Platskies(in other words it's possible for my map to get easier and easier)
06:37:13raptorbobdaduck is good with dungeons :)
06:37:22raptorin the editor
06:37:43raptormany items have editable attributes, if you select one and press <enter> the attribute menu pops up
06:37:51raptorturrets can regenerate
06:37:58PlatskiesYeah I know
06:38:10PlatskiesI'm doing that already, and that makes things harder
06:38:55PlatskiesI'm just trying to make the difficulty more 'consistent'
06:39:27Platskiesby having the level's state reset each time you die… I just don't know if there's a way
06:39:27raptorwell, i'm not a very good level designer - i'd ask some of the more experienced folks like bobdaduck or Quartz
06:39:33bobdaduckYou might be able to do it with lua scripts
06:39:38Platskiesisn't there something with Lua?
06:39:42raptoryou may be able to do it with levelgen, yes
06:40:00raptorbobdaduck's our current expert!
06:40:41Platskies:) Okay
06:40:50PlatskiesI might read the website too
06:41:14raptorwe have some scripting documentation: http://bitfighter.org/luadocs/index.html
06:42:14raptor018 has a levelgen bug that makes them crash :( we've fixed it for 018a - maybe bobdaduck can give you his newer bitfighter copy i made for him with levelgens working
06:42:32Platskieshe uses a Mac?
06:42:38raptorno windows
06:42:46raptori think, but it works on any platform
06:42:50raptoroh wait
06:42:53raptoryou have mac?
06:42:59Platskiesdifferent executable
06:43:13raptoryeah - i thought you meant the levelgen script itself, at first
06:44:55raptori'd have to get you a newer revision...
06:45:00PlatskiesOh, ok
06:45:04raptorbobdaduck: do you remember what revision I gave you?
06:45:25Platskiesand don't I need Xcode 3 if I want to compile my own without issues?
06:45:29raptorPlatskies: i'd be willing to compile one for you...
06:46:02raptorPlatskies: 32bit or 64bit?
06:46:17Platskies64 please
06:46:27raptorok, then you can tinker :)
06:46:33raptorbenefits of being in IRC...
06:49:03PlatskiesIs the 018a source only available through Hg?
06:49:22PlatskiesThe archive that's on googlecode is 018
06:50:05raptorwe'll make another archive when we're done with 018a
06:51:50raptoroops, i built a debug build..
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07:01:45raptorha, my kid left bite marks in our cheese blocks in the fridge
07:07:32raptorPlatskies: http://sam6.25u.com/upload/1Bitfighter-018a-alpha-6264-133f5b6ecea8.zip
07:07:45raptorthat build is for you
07:07:50Platskiesthanks :)
07:07:53raptorlevelgens and object IDs are working
07:08:23raptorthere *may* be some other funniness elsewhere since it's a dev build, but I think that's an OK one
07:08:36raptorat least it's working for bobdaduck..
07:09:07PlatskiesI should try and get the Xcode 4 project set up in the meantime
07:09:21Platskies(for later versions)
07:11:22raptori'm not sure exactly what's there now, i think a few people have tried to convert it
07:12:54Platskiesthat's good
07:19:18raptoranyways time for bed! g'night all!
07:19:24PlatskiesOK cya
07:20:03PlatskiesSo it still says 018, is that normla?
07:20:26PlatskiesOK thanks
07:20:29raptorthere's no real rules when it comes to a dev build :)
07:21:14PlatskiesI'll try and compile my own version - if I don't succeed then I'll just use yours
07:21:27PlatskiesThanks for doing that though
07:21:34raptorno prob
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07:21:41PlatskiesOK, cya!
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09:33:15PlatskiesHi, I'm trying to compile my own Bitfighter
09:33:41PlatskiesI'm stuck on a linker error "alure_init_modplug()"
09:33:48Platskies(not defined)
09:33:52watusimotowhat platform?
09:33:52PlatskiesI installed SDL
09:33:57PlatskiesOS X
09:34:24Platskies(10.8 & Xcode 4 if it's necessary)
09:34:24watusimotoI've never built for osx but I'll take a guess that you need to install alure
09:34:53PlatskiesThe readme didn't say that… okay
09:35:07watusimotowell, it might not be the right answer :-)
09:35:14watusimotois the readme on the wiki?
09:35:52PlatskiesThe version I have is the latest from Hg
09:36:32PlatskiesAnd nope, couldn't find the readme on the wik
09:36:55watusimotowell, try installing alure and see if that fixes it. If it does, we can update the readme
09:40:29PlatskiesBTW, cheers for using module-based music :)
09:40:42watusimotothanks! The real credit goes to raptor
09:42:03Platskiesthey usually have that "video game quality"
09:47:36PlatskiesI ran cmake on ALURE, and it said modplug support was disabled
09:47:51watusimotowhat time zone are you in?
09:48:07PlatskiesAEST (GMT+10)
09:48:10PlatskiesI think
09:48:13watusimotowhere is that?
09:48:27watusimotooh great! I used to live there!
09:48:57watusimotoI went to uni in Sydney, then moved there for a while a few years later
09:49:17Platskiesah ok, I'm about an hour away from Sydney
09:49:36watusimotoI ask because you really need to talk to raptor to address your problem
09:49:48watusimotobut he won't be oin for another 6 hours or so
09:49:57PlatskiesAh ok, yeah he was here a few hours ago
09:50:21watusimotohe did the alure/modplug stuff, and he does a lot of our mac stuff
09:50:38watusimotobtw, why are you building yourself?
09:51:00PlatskiesTo have the latest possible version
09:51:12watusimotoour latest version doesn't work :-)
09:52:18PlatskiesI kind of wanted it because raptor told me it would fix the Lua support, or something like that
09:52:32watusimotothat's what doesn't work!!
09:52:47watusimotobut maybe the version in hg does work
09:52:56PlatskiesLuckily he did build an app for me
09:53:04Platskies(which I have)
09:53:12PlatskiesI just wanted to try if I can do it myself
09:53:21watusimotowell, good
09:53:27watusimotowe like people to poke around
09:58:48PlatskiesSeems like a "libmodplug" exists…
10:00:34PlatskiesInstalled that! Now
10:09:50PlatskiesAgh there's already a prebuilt version of libmodplug.framework in <bitfighter>/lib
10:11:27PlatskiesOh, maybe the symbols are 32-bit only…
10:16:14PlatskiesI commented out the init_modplug call, now Info.plist and bitfighter.sh are missing - I replaced Info.plist with the existing Bitfighter-Info.plist
10:16:23Platskiescan bitfighter.sh go?
10:16:58watusimotoyou mean can you get rid of it? what's in it?
10:17:01Platskiesdoesn't seem to exist anywhere in the bitfighter folder
10:17:29PlatskiesXcode tries to copy it to the Executables folder in the app bundle
10:17:42Platskies(i.e. Contents/MacOS I think)
10:17:47watusimotoI honestly don't know
10:17:54watusimotoI wish I did :-)
10:18:12PlatskiesEh, I removed it
10:20:39PlatskiesApparently DUMB can play modules according to ALURE's docs, btw
10:21:20Platskiesso maybe I might have luck with the music :)
10:50:01PlatskiesOK… now apparently Zap::drawString and a bunch of other Zap:: namespaced symbols aren't defined
10:51:00PlatskiesdrawString is declared in RenderUtils.h
10:51:51PlatskiesI can't find the implementation of it though…do you know if it already gets compiled?
10:52:42PlatskiesOh wait, there is RenderUtils.cpp
10:53:17PlatskiesXcode didn't search in there though
10:54:19PlatskiesOK, 50 to 2 linker errors :D
10:55:08PlatskiesYay, built
10:55:31PlatskiesI had to add RenderUtils and MathUtils to be compiled… for some odd reason they weren't
10:57:10PlatskiesAlso a Mac-specific debug cmd-line parameter got added
10:57:42Platskiesthe game didn't like it…
10:57:59PlatskiesSo… it runs now! :)
11:07:12PlatskiesMod music doesn't work though
11:08:05watusimotodo any sounds work?
11:08:32Platskiesthe menu music works (though it's ogg)
11:08:36watusimotook, so it's probably that alure/libmod issue you mentioned
11:09:06watusimotoWhat did you have to do to build it?
11:10:01PlatskiesI made a list, just got 1 more thing to add tho
11:13:01PlatskiesOK here: http://pastie.org/private/q23ad2ax5ey3xyuy2knog
11:13:22PlatskiesI think that's it
11:23:00PlatskiesOK I gotta go - bye!
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17:08:04bobdaduckGoodmorning, gentleraptor.
17:08:09raptorhi hi
17:08:17bobdaduckAnd hey, haven't seen Yoshi around in a while.
17:08:28raptori saw platskies has been playing with xcode4
17:08:35raptorhe needs to know 2 things:
17:08:40watusimotoyes -- he had some problems, mostly resolved
17:08:46raptor1. pretend the old project doesn't work (and never did)
17:09:20raptor2. *all* dependencies are already included in our repository
17:10:56watusimotoso was his problem that he upgraded to xcode4 and tried to rebuild an older project?
17:11:17raptorhis problem was using an project that never worked (xcode4)
17:11:27raptori think Little_Apple actually did most of it
17:11:33raptorbut it was never completed
17:11:44raptorwe've since changed lots of resources
17:11:48watusimotoah, I see... so we have a bad project in our repo
17:11:49raptorand dependencies
17:11:55raptoryes, old, unmaintained
17:11:59raptorwork in progress
17:12:01watusimotoshould we delete it?
17:12:13raptorno, because it should be completed for the furture
17:12:22raptoralmost no one uses xcode 3 anymore
17:12:27raptorexcept me :)
17:12:33raptorand my VM
17:12:35watusimotoMaybe we can get platskies to do it :-)
17:15:10raptorfor the xcode 4 project, we should probably drop 32bit architectures: ppc, x86
17:15:24bobdaduckWhat's xcode do?
17:15:40raptorxcode is to mac as visual studio is to windows
17:16:37raptorsorry, *OSX (they don't want to use 'Mac' anymore)
17:16:44kaeni.e. it keeps people from learning vim like they should?
17:17:00kaenalso, hello all.
17:17:25bobdaduckIs 018a out yet?
17:17:47raptorhi kaen
17:17:57watusimotohello everyone
17:18:01kaenbobdaduck, nope.
17:18:01raptorbobdaduck: getting close!
17:18:05kaendo we have a checklist?
17:18:17watusimotorunning bug list == checklist
17:18:29watusimotomore or less
17:18:31raptorwatusimoto: should we release with the current Lua stable but leaking?
17:18:35bobdaduckAnd just to bring this up again: Linking to social media from our main page?
17:18:44kaenwait, so is 14 blocking?
17:18:51kaenraptor already asked that :P
17:19:10watusimotoraptor: I need to understand better the state of lua before I can weigh in
17:19:25watusimotobecause I'm still a little confused
17:19:35raptorwell, nothing crashes now, but we have a leak
17:19:40raptorwhich is better than 018
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17:19:52watusimotoI think you should check in the no crashes but (might) leak so I can see what's happening
17:19:58watusimotoor at least what you've done
17:20:03raptorwatusimoto: already done
17:20:08watusimotobobdaduck: as in takes on water
17:20:18raptordingy with a hole
17:20:22watusimotorun bf for a while, it starts to get heavy
17:20:38bobdaduckA memory leak?
17:20:39watusimotosome of the delicate innards get wet
17:20:58watusimotoraptor: I'll look at that tonight then
17:21:01kaenspoils the many spices and rum in the cargo hold.
17:21:04kaenit's no good.
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17:21:24raptorwatusimoto: just to reiterate: what is in our repo now is the non-crashy, leaky Lua
17:21:30raptorwithout the caching
17:21:41watusimotook, without cacheing
17:21:44raptorso it is 'stable'
17:21:52raptorbetter than 018
17:21:59watusimotoI would like to try putting caching back in
17:22:09bobdaduckITS TOO DANGEROUS
17:22:11bobdaduckDON'T DO IT
17:22:12raptorif you apply my diff from last night (to add back the caching)
17:22:17raptorthen we get crashy again
17:22:36bobdaduckWhat would caching potentially add to the game?
17:22:52YoshiSmbPS: yea. i dint enter here or played bitfighter for a while.
17:23:07bobdaduckWelcome back then :)
17:23:23watusimotoraptor: what
17:23:38YoshiSmbthank's bobdaduck.
17:23:47watusimotoraptor: what's in the repo contains some (but not all) of alex's latest upgrades, right?
17:24:02YoshiSmbmy wireless network is getting fixed after some hour's ago
17:24:10raptorit is reverted to back before you applied any of his updates and before the caching
17:24:18raptorand it has just the _hold calls commented out
17:24:23raptorand thus no crashy
17:24:38watusimotook, it sounds like we've made less progress on this than I thought last night
17:24:48YoshiSmbbut i need to check also the number's of ping's package to make sure it's alright
17:25:16watusimotoso the repo has 018 with commented _hold and no other changes
17:25:38watusimotook, if we have to choose between leaks and crashes, I'll take leaks
17:26:07watusimotohell, we don't even need the holds
17:26:14watusimotowe always want to hold
17:26:18raptorand i found the issue is within the 'storage table logic'
17:26:27watusimotoso we don't need a table to store that info
17:26:36raptorthat was moved out of _hold in this upstream revision: https://bitbucket.org/alexames/luawrapper/commits/4f2c238a8260639f02dc77e5b27a9f927b8c8230
17:27:52bobdaduckSocial media bitfighter?
17:27:57watusimotocan you apply that change and make hold work?
17:28:09raptoryes, but it still leaks
17:28:15raptori mean
17:28:33raptorif i, make those changes to _hold but do NOT make the changes to _push, then yes _hold works
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17:34:15watusimotoah, my head hurts
17:34:18watusimotook, here's my plan
17:34:34watusimotoI'm going to finish the bug fix I am working on (unrelated to lua) so I can get my code checked in
17:34:54watusimotothen I'm going to take another look at this lua stuff with the new info we may or may not have
17:35:04watusimotoand then I'll start drinking again
17:35:08watusimotohow does that sound?
17:35:11raptorsounds fine!
17:35:22watusimotoso bobdaduck what's all that yammering about?
17:35:48YoshiSmbhe's afk
17:36:18YoshiSmbi called him using query
17:36:33YoshiSmbbut he's dint respond
17:42:33raptorwatusimoto: I almost think we should just fix up the rest of the running list, do some play testing, and release with our leaky
17:42:45watusimotomaybe so
17:42:52watusimotomy work tonight is from the list
17:43:34raptori found another test case last night where we can get in an impossible unspawn delay situation
17:44:00raptorit's updated on the list
17:45:58YoshiSmberrr... watusimoto
17:46:05YoshiSmbcan i ask something?
17:46:16watusimotoif it's quick
17:46:36YoshiSmbon mazerunner. there is a chance to use commander map to see the correct path
17:46:56watusimotono -- to the game it's just walls
17:46:57YoshiSmbim thinking of making some map's doesn't allow a player use commander map.
17:47:09watusimotooh, sorry, right
17:47:25watusimotowe don't have a way to disable cmdr mp
17:47:35watusimotoand I don't think we should
17:47:40YoshiSmband this maybe is a idea?
17:48:22watusimotothere is a hacky way to do it, which I do not support, but you can put a wall waaaaaaay far away, so when you go into cmdrs map, the maze is too small to see
17:48:42watusimotobut don't do that
17:48:51watusimotoit's mainly just annoying
17:49:32YoshiSmbalso. what happened to sam's server?
17:49:49kaenyou'll have to ask sam :/
17:49:49raptorok, heading our for a bit, back later... then you can ask me all the Lua stuff again
17:50:10YoshiSmbok. thank's.
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18:09:14bobdaduckSorry back
18:09:17bobdaduckWas in a meeting
18:09:40bobdaduckI'm yammering about putting a link to the bitfighter facebook page and perhaps the twitter feed on the bitfighter homepage.
18:10:02bobdaduckThere's a "bitfighter videos on youtube" section", so a "bitfighter on facebook" section wouldn't be too out of place
18:10:24bobdaduckOn the facebook page I try to update people whenever there's a new version or a BBB or a level design contest and stuff.
18:10:47bobdaduckSo it help keeps MIA players in the loop I think.
18:20:08bobdaduckThat's @ Watusimoto_
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20:25:55raptorwe have to fix the level code bugs on the forums... more and more people are using pastie and 3rd party sites...
20:33:16bobdaduck has joined
20:38:39bobdaduckWhat causes level code to break?
20:38:58raptorit's a forum plugin of some sorts, i think Watusimoto put it there
20:39:24raptorthere are two limits that make it break
20:39:30WatusimotoI didn't realize level code broke in the forums
20:39:44raptorit's always been broken since people have been posting large levels
20:39:49raptorfor as long as i remember
20:40:10raptorbascially if you post above a certain charatcer limit, your code isn't shown
20:40:23raptorbut it is still in the database so if you quote the post, it all shows up in the quote
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20:40:41bobdaduck_Why do we even have limits in the level editor?
20:40:42raptorthen there is some other max limit above that that refuses to be posted at all
20:40:51bobdaduck_Speedzone max 5000
20:40:53bobdaduck_min 500
20:41:10bobdaduck_Max nexus score 20000
20:41:12raptorbobdaduck_: why do I have a limit to how fast I can run?
20:41:19raptorthose are different
20:41:30raptorsomewhat arbitrary to force better level design i think..
20:41:39bobdaduck_Yeah, not gonna happen.
20:42:02bobdaduck_I mean, cores don't have a minimum health.
20:42:18raptori think
20:42:25bobdaduck_Well yes
20:42:34bobdaduck_But speedzones don't go to 1
20:42:36bobdaduck_they stop at 500.
20:42:46bobdaduck Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
20:42:52bobdaduck_ is now known as bobdaduck
20:43:16Watusimotothat limit might be a phpbb limit
20:43:50Watusimotooh wait... I'm trying to think about what sorts of stuff I did when I set up phpbb
20:44:00WatusimotoI added the syntax colorer (geshi)
20:44:05raptorthat's it!
20:44:08raptorgeshi is failing
20:44:12WatusimotoI doubt it
20:44:17raptorit has to be
20:44:31WatusimotoI may also have added a special source code handling plugin
20:44:35raptorbecause people send me PMs without the code wrap that are HUGE
20:44:48raptori thought that was geshi
20:44:56Watusimotogeshi is only coloring
20:45:59Watusimotook, look at this post:
20:46:22Watusimotosee the little select all/expand post buttons in the UR of teh code window?
20:46:35Watusimotothose are (if I recall) from a special code handling plugin
20:46:41raptorahhh ok
20:46:45Watusimotolike those seen on some other websites
20:46:48raptornow i have them separated in my head..
20:46:51Watusimotoso that might be the problem
20:48:02Watusimototrying to ssh in and see what I can see
20:48:55raptori see geshi in: /var/www/forums/includes
20:49:20Watusimotogeshi is almost certainly innocent; but also probably out-of-date
20:49:29Watusimotomany new keywords have been added since it was last updated
20:49:38Watusimotohi :-)
20:49:54Watusimotowhere is phpbb?
20:50:04raptorhere: /var/www/forums
20:53:23raptorok, the code select is part of our style in styles/ca_black
20:53:40raptori searched for 'ca_select_code'
20:54:19raptorspecifically in: styles/ca_black/template/ca_scripts.js
20:54:28raptorand: styles/ca_black/template/bbcode.html
20:55:12WatusimotoI think you want code-select
20:55:16Watusimotoand code-expand
20:57:40raptorOK i was trying to post a new level and hit this: "Your message contains 129203 characters. The maximum number of allowed characters is 120000."
20:57:53raptorso that is one limit, but obviously with phpbb
20:59:04Watusimotook, well, I'm totally confused
20:59:16raptortake a looK here: http://bitfighter.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=1809
20:59:19WatusimotoI can find no traces of this plugin I've described
20:59:25raptori posted a large levelgen code
20:59:34Darrel Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:59:41raptorbut quote me
20:59:53raptorreply, then quote my post
21:00:02Watusimotolots of stuff
21:00:05Darrel has joined
21:00:29Watusimotobut when I preview I get a "website not available" error
21:00:30raptorbut the post is not showing client-side in the browser at all
21:00:38WatusimotoError 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): The connection was reset.
21:00:56raptoruhh... maybe we just hit a server down time..
21:00:58Watusimotooh wait, maybe working now
21:01:07Watusimotopreview looks empty
21:01:22raptorit's not even being transmitted from the server
21:01:28raptorso not a JS error
21:02:10WatusimotoThe content div is empty
21:03:07raptoryep, i captured it - only 22KB is returning
21:03:12raptorshould be lots more
21:03:17Watusimotook, and on a normal post, the content div has the... content!
21:05:17raptorremoving all cache ...
21:05:44raptorno phpbb errors..
21:05:53raptorno php errors in the apache log
21:07:32raptori posted again in that topic
21:10:38raptori think it's geshi again
21:14:58Watusimotoyou think geshi is overflowing somehow?
21:15:13raptorsomething like that, perhaps yes
21:15:37raptordid you add custom formatters to geshi?
21:16:08WatusimotoI hacked the lua one
21:16:41raptorlast update in 2005??
21:16:47raptor(looking for geshi updates)
21:16:52Watusimotoin /var/www/forums/includes/geshi is a lua.php and a lua_orig.php
21:17:09WatusimotoI'm guessing that I modded lua.php
21:17:16Watusimotoby adding new keywords and such
21:17:18raptoralso a levelcode.php
21:18:10Watusimotoah, lua might be for bots
21:18:33raptorok we're using of geshi
21:18:36Watusimotowell, also note that geshi is used by the wiki
21:18:41raptor1.0.8.11 is the latest
21:18:45raptoroh really?
21:18:51raptordid you add that in separately?
21:19:05raptoras a plugin
21:19:09WatusimotoI somehow hacked it so both use the same syntax file
21:19:12raptorto the wiki
21:19:14raptorah ok
21:19:39Watusimotomaybe both use the same actual code with a link or something
21:19:55Watusimotobut as you can see, the syntax files have no length limitations
21:20:39raptoractually we're using geshi in the wiki
21:21:10raptoryes, i'm not seeing anything with size limits
21:26:38Watusimotoso where do those expand view/select all buttons come from?
21:26:58Watusimotofrom the styles, they look like native functionatliy
21:27:02LordDVG Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
21:27:44raptoris also being used
21:29:01raptorlots of keywords to search on: http://sam6.25u.com/upload/2snapshot19.png
21:30:37raptori bet wrapping all the lines in the bbcode is making it a lot larger..
21:34:46WatusimotoI'm afraid most of my recollection of exactly what I did is lost in the sands of time
21:35:02WatusimotoI remember it as beeing vaguely unpleasant though
21:35:48Watusimotocan you post your long level not wrapped in a code block and have it work?
21:36:12raptoryes, i already did: http://bitfighter.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=1809
21:37:02Watusimotook, so somethign about the code tag breaks it
21:37:21Watusimotoeither by 1) making it too long somehow; or 2) via another mechanism
21:39:15Watusimotoyou probably did this, but there is a variable "max_post_chars" set to 12000
21:39:30raptoryes, and i'm below it
21:39:30Watusimotoright, yes
21:39:49raptormaybe it's for two-way communication?
21:40:12Watusimotoyes, but if the code tag adds lots of stuff to the post or soemthing, maybe it blows over that limit somehow
21:40:31Watusimotothe key is to figure out where that's set, increase it, and see if that fixes anything
21:40:38raptorit would add a <span> for color on every line
21:40:40raptorat least
21:46:27WatusimotoI can't figure out where that 12xxx limit comes from... it must be set via the forum itself, as i didn't find it in any config files. But finding settings on the acp is such a hit-or-miss afair...
21:48:03raptori wonder...
21:48:15raptori'm looking at the source code for viewtopic.php: https://github.com/phpbb/phpbb3/blob/develop/phpBB/viewtopic.php
21:50:28raptori wonder what the database query for that first post is..
21:52:01raptorok, confirmed that all the styles are put into the database
21:52:31raptorlook at what that third post turns into: http://pastie.org/6258615
21:54:24bobdaduckI propose we re-implement cloning!
21:54:41raptorit is a MEDIUMTEXT field with max length about 16 million
21:55:06raptorso length should be OK
21:55:20raptorbut, i'm not seeing my first post in the database at all
21:55:51Watusimotook, found the length setting
21:55:58Watusimotowhat a mess these settings are
21:56:51WatusimotoI'm going to double the length and see what happens
21:57:05raptorlet me know when so i can clear the cache
21:57:23raptoryou'll have to clear the cache after every php change (or wait a day or so for the cache to go stale)
21:57:30Watusimotogo ahead. I set the limit to unlimited
21:57:49Watusimotoyou are going to clear, or should I?
21:58:05Watusimotothe setting is under Posting tab, Post Settings
21:58:59raptorstill no show
21:59:24raptorposted again at: http://bitfighter.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=1809
21:59:26Watusimototry posting again
21:59:40raptoryou should be able to quote me...
21:59:46raptorthen remove the [quote]
22:00:38Watusimotook, I quoted, and it all posted
22:00:58raptoryes that still works
22:01:05Watusimotobut the [code] tags are still removing the code
22:01:26Watusimotodid you say the code is not even in the database?
22:01:47raptorfound it in the dB
22:01:57raptorin bf_phpbb DB
22:02:08raptorSELECT * FROM `phpbb_posts` WHERE `topic_id` =1809
22:02:12raptorshows all 5
22:02:32Watusimotoso it's on the display end
22:02:44raptoryeah... looking at viewtopic.php
22:03:15raptorlook here: https://github.com/phpbb/phpbb3/blob/develop/phpBB/viewtopic.php#L945
22:04:15raptorso that is where teh $sql is returned
22:04:59raptorgoes to $post_list
22:05:44Watusimotook, so we are assuming that $result has good data and that it is lost later?
22:06:48raptorit's in the 'post_text' field
22:08:34raptorlook at 1408
22:08:45raptori wonder if that $message variable is correct there
22:09:29Watusimotocensor_text.... hmmm
22:09:33Watusimotoprobably word filter and such
22:09:43raptoralso right below it: $message = bbcode_nl2br($message);
22:10:14Watusimotonl2br sounds like it's inserting <br.s
22:10:34raptormakes sense
22:11:17Watusimotosee the comment 1425 for line 1426
22:11:27Watusimotosorry 1424
22:11:36Watusimotoconfirms censor text's function
22:12:59Watusimotothen it does some highlighting then it;s done
22:13:20raptorit's added to a huge array
22:13:24Watusimotoand the highlighting is probably not even activated
22:13:59Watusimoto1562 is probably adding the message to a list to be presented
22:14:18Watusimotohow can we dump variables in this thing?
22:14:31Watusimotothat's where I'd like to know if message is empty
22:14:33raptorwatch the httpd logs and use 'print'
22:14:46Darrel Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:14:47raptorok, let me do taht..
22:15:59raptorthis is going to drive people crazy...
22:16:35raptornow look: http://bitfighter.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=1809
22:17:22raptormessage is already empty by the time we highlight
22:17:26raptormoving the print upwards...
22:18:27raptorempty before highlight... going upwards..
22:19:17raptorupwards again...
22:19:50raptorok, it's empty before censor_text
22:20:25raptoroh wait, that makes sense...
22:21:03raptornow look!
22:21:36raptori printed $row['post_text']
22:21:40raptorand it's there
22:21:52raptoron line 1406
22:23:11raptor$message is good after censor_text
22:23:34raptoron 1409
22:24:01bobdaduck Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
22:24:09raptorWatusimoto: our culprit is line 1413
22:24:19Watusimotolet's see..
22:24:39raptor$message coming out of that bbcode_second_pass method is empty
22:24:53Watusimotolet's see what that one does
22:27:01Watusimoto./includes/bbcode.php, line 51ish
22:31:03Watusimotonothing obvious there, but I'm getting sleepy again
22:31:07Watusimotoso not thinking clearly
22:32:42Watusimotonothing obvious in google
22:33:07raptorsoo print() messages there? (OK)
22:33:32raptorlooks like someone has it open already...
22:33:36bobdaduck has joined
22:36:45Watusimotothat was me
22:37:07raptordo you mind if i start adding print statements?
22:40:04Watusimotoplease do
22:40:07raptoroh man
22:40:13raptorit's in the search+replace loops
22:40:28raptori wonder if there is a limit to using str_replace
22:44:18raptorhere's our culprit: https://github.com/phpbb/phpbb3/blob/develop/phpBB/includes/bbcode.php#L110
22:44:29raptor$message going it is good, coming out is bad
22:48:23Watusimotoyou mean like a php limitation???
22:48:32raptorlooks liek it
22:48:39Watusimotoseems unlikely
22:49:20raptori wonder..
22:50:00Watusimotothat line is inside a loop -- does it fail on the first pass?
22:50:11raptoreach pass is per bbcode found
22:50:39raptori printed @message right before it - it output in full
22:50:44raptorprinted right after: empty
22:52:33raptorhere is the search array that is performed on it: [0] => #\[code(?:=([a-z0-9_]+))?:28uweg44\](.*?)\[/code:28uweg44\]#ise
22:53:02raptorcompared with one that works: [0] => #\[code(?:=([a-z0-9_]+))?:3j7tuo7b\](.*?)\[/code:3j7tuo7b\]#ise
22:53:13raptoridentical except for the bbcode id
22:53:38BlackBird_ has joined
22:53:56Watusimotosorry my thinking is deteriorating... but...
22:54:02raptorWatusimoto: http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.preg-replace.php#105122
22:54:09raptortrying that lead
22:54:26Watusimotoif the search is done per bbcode, maybe the syntax coding adds extra bbcodes that basically overwhelm the system
22:54:53Watusimotoaaaaah.... you may be onto something!
22:55:44Watusimotomeanwhile, I'm going to restore the 120000 limit to avoid havine someone use all our disk with a super long message. since this is obviously not the issue
22:56:24Watusimotothat's done
22:56:48Watusimotonaybe I should limit the number of smilies per post while i'm in here... maybe to 0
22:57:06raptorFIXED IT
22:57:12raptorgo here: http://bitfighter.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=1809
22:57:28Watusimotothis just in:
22:57:29WatusimotoBitfighter is NOW LIVE on Desura
22:57:36raptori changed pcre.backtrack_limit to 10 milllion
22:57:39Watusimotoaccording to my email... not verified yet
22:57:44raptorand levelcode works!
22:58:06Watusimotoso it wasn;t geshi!!!!
22:58:41raptornope it was php
22:58:46raptorwhat a dig
22:59:54raptorwe're live!
23:02:14BlackBird_what now?
23:02:21bobdaduck Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
23:02:23raptormaybe we'll get more users!
23:02:43raptoralso Watusimoto, bobdaduck has been pressing to put the facebook link near the youtube link on the front page. are you OK with that?
23:03:14Watusimotois he on?
23:03:37Watusimotowell, I admit to a certain (deliberate) ignornace over things facebooky
23:03:48Watusimotobut I did look at our facebook page last night
23:03:50raptorme too
23:03:57Watusimotoand it seems kind of lame
23:03:59raptorhe plans on keeping it only relevant events/updates
23:04:08Watusimotowhat... 37 likes or something?
23:04:09raptorhaha, that's facebook
23:04:26WatusimotoI mean justin beiber must have about 2B likes
23:04:32Watusimotoand we have 37?
23:04:37Watusimotothat just seems pathetic
23:05:23Watusimotoso my vote would be against; but that's not a veto
23:05:26raptorwell, it's a way people use to get updates - that and twitter
23:05:29Watusimotoit's just a vote
23:05:49raptori was wondering if we could hook into facebook/twitter just to post updates for those who follow social media more than the forums
23:05:49Watusimotodo we twitter?
23:05:59raptorsky_lark set up a twitter account a while ago..
23:06:15raptori wonder if we could direct feed from the forums to twitter/facebook...
23:06:22WatusimotoI did set up an account, long ago, with one of those share with social media button thingies
23:06:45Watusimotoif we did have a link to crapbook, maybe we'd get more likes
23:07:03raptoryeah like from friendface!
23:07:12Watusimotobecause then at least people would know we had a page
23:07:23raptorbecause likes are the way 'generation me' are active in our world
23:07:35Watusimotomaybe I could invest like $100 to buy some fake likes
23:07:44raptori know there's a market for that..
23:07:45Watusimotogeneration preteen
23:08:13raptori was so happy the day facebook went public
23:08:20raptorbecause it spelled its demise
23:08:51raptorwhich may be slow, admittedly..
23:09:05Watusimotook, I'm changing my vote to neutral
23:09:18Watusimotobut that's probably the best I can do at the moment
23:09:27Watusimotowhat do you think?
23:09:52raptori'm against facebook, but not against keeping older players updated with it and twitter (which is what bobdaduck says will happen)
23:10:12Watusimotoagainst facebook or against using it as our tool?
23:10:32raptoragainst facebook (for my personal self)
23:10:49raptorbut as a tool for us, not as much.. *if* people are actually using it to see updates
23:11:09Watusimoto1000 is a respectable number
23:11:17raptoronly 75$ !
23:11:31raptorthat's like a couple weeks of PBJ sandwiches for my family!
23:11:47Watusimotowell, you can vote, and if we let bdd vote, we know what he would say... I wonder what kaen thinks
23:12:19raptori think it would be OK if we can automate announcement sending to the site and be done with it
23:12:44Watusimotowe have a comment on desura!
23:13:23Watusimotowell, I'll take it
23:13:37raptorok, i'll talk to bobdaduck when he comes back
23:13:40Watusimototrying to run bitfighter via desura
23:14:32raptorgood test
23:15:15Watusimotoworks fine
23:15:17raptorLamp's avatar cracks me up...
23:15:27raptorbecause... it fits so perfectly how he posts
23:17:31bobdaduck has joined
23:18:10bobdaduckSo if raptor gives me a custom distro that I'd rather use instead of stock 018
23:18:20bobdaduckCan I just replace the .exe file?
23:19:01BlackBird_ Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
23:19:05raptorfor most cases
23:19:34bobdaduckI'm speaking of multiple point selecting and dragging in the editor
23:20:14raptorwhat do you want to do?
23:20:30bobdaduckUse it instead of stock 018.
23:20:49raptoryou may replace teh EXE
23:21:21bobdaduckAnd: Social media bitfighter?
23:21:53raptorwould there actually be people using social media to keep up instead of the forums?
23:22:32bobdaduckInvader alex and Edshin have liked the facebook page but they're kind of MIA from the forums.
23:23:38raptoryou'll probably be gone soon and none of us want to update the page BUT
23:24:10raptorif we can automate postings from the forums, that might be nice
23:24:33bobdaduckI have no idea how someone would do that.
23:24:50bobdaduckI can give Quartz admin of bittfighters facebook page if I leave though
23:25:24bobdaduck(also I'm probably not leaving until April at the earliest)
23:25:47raptorwell... Watusimoto is 'neutral' on adding the link to home page
23:26:03Watusimotoraptor talked me up from opposed
23:26:07raptorwe can probably try it for a little while and see... isn't facebook dying?
23:26:21Watusimotomaybe this will hasten its demise
23:26:26raptorbecause i try to will its death every time i think about it
23:26:31bobdaduckI wish. No, facebook isn't dying.
23:27:02Watusimotothe picture on the bf fb page is terrible
23:27:12Watusimotoall jpeggy
23:28:05Watusimotoraptor: want to announce your forums repair on the metaforum?
23:28:11raptordone :)
23:28:18Watusimototell folks it's safe to repost
23:28:29Watusimotoalways one step ahea
23:28:44raptoryou need to commit!
23:38:00Platskies has joined
23:43:12Watusimotonot tonight... too much forums!
23:45:28raptorsorry about that
23:45:43raptorbut i doubt i could have solved it without some encouragement..
23:46:50raptorWatusimoto: about your answer in the ship shapes thread: http://xkcd.com/1172/

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