How to be a good teammate

From Bitfighter

This is a short guide containing tips on how to be a good teammate in team game modes, such as Capture the Flag, Retrieve, and Core.

Know your Role

Figure out what you're good at, then work on that. This isn't to say you shouldn't branch out and try new things, but you should always have a default role to revert back to. Also, understand how your role impacts your team. If everyone on your team is attacking for the flag, then perhaps you need to hang back and defend. If everyone is defending you need to go on the offensive so your team can score!


1. As a attacker, your primary objective is to steal defeat the enemy.When you advance to the enemy base, do so carefully, have a plan for a quick getaway, and play "last back." That is, don't let an enemy fly behind you. This is really important, because if you let an enemy beat you to your base, then when your flag is returned, they can simply pick it up and start from square one. Always keep your enemies in front of you, no matter where they are on the map.

2. When playing retrieve or hold the flag, you can use "guerilla tactics." Fly in fast, take a flag then drop it, then take different flag and take it back to your base. By doing this, it reduces their score temporarily and leads them to occupy with putting the flag back instead of actually doing work.

3. Catch your breath. If you're low on energy, find a corner of an obstacle and wait there without moving. After a few seconds your energy will climb rapidly due to your static placement. You can usually be close to the battle when you do this. When a player comes upon you located across an obstacle, they may hesitate and you'll have that extra second to regain energy. So don't worry if there's a player near by, take your time and let the energy bar increase Also if you are on your teams loadout zone your energy will Fill up faster saving you valuble seconds.

4. Don't be aggressive with cloak. Take your time, focus on not colliding with players or objects to give away your presence. You have a lot more energy than you think.

5. Do not get cornered. Always have a escape route.

6. Communicate with your teammates to let them know of your intentions while carrying the flag. Don't be afraid to call for help, or pass on the flag if you have low health.

7. At the start of each round, quickly attack to get to the flag/ball/core etc. You might be able to score a point before players are active and engaged.

8. If you need health, but there are no first aid kits around and you don't have repair: Find a loadout zone. Hit the proper loadout for repair. Fly over the loadout, then immediately hit the loadout for your regular set-up, but don't fly over the loadout a second time. What you've just done is allowed you to repair now, but if an enemy comes you can quickly fly over the loadout and be all set to go

9. Predict where the enemy flag runner is going to run if you attack him. You can use observations to your advantage. I might attack my enemy from the top, forcing them down, if I recently saw a friendly lounging around down there. Or, if you think they're going to hit a speedzone, fly in front and stop their plan. Use your Weapons to Efficecently Block off your Enemys path as well for example By shooting you can create a wall of bullets that the enemy must pass through.

10. Don't be afraid to attack. You'll lose energy fast, but you'll weaken the enemy flag-runner, this should be sufficient in eventually killing the enemy.

11. If playing zone control, prior to completing a touchdown (all flags touched), communicate with your teammates so they are at the flag spawn, ready to pick up the flag when it comes.

12. Destroy the enemys defenses by doing this you make there base vurnable to attack and make them lose time making repairs.


1. Your attackers are important player on the field. Defend them from attack, and don't be afraid to die for it. When they are under attack, you'll want to physically maneuver in between the players and take the attack. Don't let the Enemys get to your Attackers.

2. Place mines. Sticking a mine in front of the flag spawn is a very effective tactic. Even the pros, who see it coming a mile away, may still mess up and run into it. For best results, place slightly in front of the flag spawn to prevent a player from simultaneously taking the flag and hitting the mine. Also, place mines liberally around your base. Put them in crevices, around corners, in teleporter outputs, etc and make sure to warn your teamates they are there!

3. Place spybugs. These aren't as important to place as mines, but if you have some free time, go for it. Be sure to cover not only the flag spawn, but the common areas an enemy might fly to in your base: The entrances, first aid kit, speedzones and teleporters.