Ideas for Achievements

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Ideas for achievements that could be added to Bitfighter. Please reorder so the best ideas are at the top of the list.

  1. Capture X Flags in one CTF came
  2. Invite a friend to join Bitfighter
  3. Retreive X Flags in one Retrieve Game
  4. Blow up mine placed by teammate: "Oops"
  5. Damage X targets with one Burst ==> track max. burst victims? "CrowdControl"
  6. Engineer X turrets, forcefields ==> track engineer usage per player per game
  7. Complete a game without using Engineer when your opponent uses it X times or more
  8. Damage X asteroids ==> track asteroid kills per player per game
  9. Return X CTF flags ==> track flag returns per player per game
  10. Score X goals in Soccer ==> track soccer goals per player per game
  11. Be in a game with X or more players ==> have enough data already
  12. Win a Rabbit game without picking up the carrot ==> ???
  13. Kill an enemy while health is at one shot from death: Last Life
  14. Kill an off-screen enemy: Psychic
  15. Kill an enemy who is recharging themselves: War Criminal
  16. Steal the flag when enemy team is one point away from victory (Zone Control): Rescuer
  17. Score the game-winning point in Zone Control without firing a shot: Slick Moves
  18. Take down 1000 turrets ==> track turret kills per player per game
  19. Detonate 500 mines ==> track mines destroyed per player per game
  20. Reclaim 1000 enemy zones ==> track zones claimed per player per game
  21. Repair 500 neutral items ==> track neutral repairs per player per game
  22. Hold the carrot for 2 minutes ==> track time carrot is held per player per game
  23. Hold a flag in a zone for 5 minutes ==> track time flag is held in a zone per player per game
  24. 100 games played, 1000, 10000
  25. 50 nexus flags returned at once, 100, 200, 500 ==> track each flag return?
  26. 100 CTF flags stolen, 500, 1000 ==> track ctf flags stolen per player per game
  27. 100 kills, 1000, 10000 ==> track kills per player per game and whether they were against players or bots
  28. Finish a game without dying ==> track whether this happens or not
  29. Host a server ==> track this somehow??
  30. Test a level with bots ==> ??
  31. Play for one hour straight ==> ??
  32. Participate in a game with more than 10 players => already have enough info
  33. Score the winning point in the final second of a game ==> track whether this happens?
  34. "Host a server ==> track this somehow??" Maybe track IP adressess?
  35. *play for 2/4//8/16 hours straight*
  36. Battle Royale - Play Each Free-For-All styled gamemode. (Bitmatch, rabbit, and Nexus)
  37. Team Player - Play Each Team gamemode. (CTF, Retrive, Team Bitmatch, Zone Control, and Team Nexus)
  38. Home Grown - Create 15 maps.
  39. Passport - Use a registered name.
  40. Hoster - Host a server.
  41. Win 50 Bitmatchs: Dog Fighter
  42. Win 50 CTF: Flag Chaser
  43. Win 50 Core: Core Fighter
  44. Win a total of 450 games: Elite
  45. Win 30 Soccer: Soccer Player
  46. Win 40 Nexus: Flag Gatherer
  47. Play 1,000 games: BitFighter Addict
  48. Post 5 maps in forums: Map Maker
  49. Post 15 maps in forums: Map Master
  50. Have at least 3 posted maps with 4+ stars for at least half a day: Master of Creating
  51. Post 3 dungeon maps: Dungeon Maker
  52. Post 5+ dungeon maps: Dungeon Master
  53. Have a killing streak of 50 kills: Joseph Kony
  54. Have a killing streak of 10 kills: Berserker
  55. Have a killing streak of 5 kills: Snowball
  56. Have a killing streak of 3 kills: Frenzy
  57. Don’t die for 3.5 minutes while carrying the flag: Flag lover
  58. Kill 30 enemies in one game of team match: Captain
  59. Kill 50+ enemies in one game of team match: War Hero
  60. Reach 25 post count: New Poster
  61. Reach 75 post count: Poster#1
  62. Reach 150 post count: Poster#2
  63. Reach 300 post count: Poster #3
  64. Reach 500+ post count: Oldie
  65. Kill 30 enemies with triple shot: Shot Gun
  66. Kill 30 enemies with bouncers: Sniper
  67. Kill 30 enemies with mines: Mine Layer
  68. Kill 30 enemies with bursts: Burster
  69. Host a server: Admin
  70. Host a dedicated server: Public Server Hoster
  71. Use engineer module 30 times: Mechanic
  72. Use engineer module 50 times: Engineer
  73. Repair 30 ships: Medic
  74. Repair 50 ships: Doctor
  75. Commit suicide 50 times: Kazikame
  76. Stay in lobby for 30 min: Couch Potato
  77. Type in chat box for 30 min straight(max of 1min of no typing within 30min): Chatter
  78. Score in your own goal in soccer: Learn to Kick
  79. Have 400 more total losses than total wins (this award is update-able): Loser
  80. Play in a 5vs5: Scout
  81. Play in a 10vs10: Battle Ship
  82. Play in a 20vs20: War Ship
  83. Phased Out: Deal 10,000 total phaser damage
  84. Bouncy Betty: Deal 10,000 total bouncer damage
  85. Burst of Ballistics: Deal 10,000 total burst damage
  86. Triple Trouble: Deal 10,000 total triple damage
  87. Mining and Crafting: Deal 10,000 total mine damage (Title is Minecraft reference)
  88. Nurse: Repair 10 ships
  89. Forbidden Wing: Have 30 total minutes of cloak time (Title is Harry Potter reference)
  90. Mall Shopping: Have 2 hours total of AFK time
  91. <SECRET> Smooth edges: Use the curve tool
  92. <SECRET> Plug in a controller for the first time: Multitasker
  93. <SECRET> Save a level for the first time: Builder

Some ideas for flags are: Most frequent player (star), top 10% of frequent players (different color star), best player (medal), top 10% of best players (different medal), server owner (??), developer (??)