The latest Bitfighter releases are listed here. All releases and change history can be viewed on the releases page.

Latest Release: 019c

Release Date: 01 April 2014

Operating SystemDownload
Installer 32bit
Portable Archive
10.6+ (64-bit)
Legacy 10.4 (ppc, x86)
Distro-specific (see below)
Standalone x86, x86_64 (experimental, GLIBC 2.7)
Source Archive


Bitfighter has been built for the following distributions. Some may not contain the latest version of Bitfighter:

ArchLinux packages
Debian packages (unofficial)
Fedora packages (unofficial)
openSUSE packages
Slackware package

Ubuntu and Mint Users

The Debian packages, available here, should work for both Ubuntu and Mint.

Other Linux Users

If you want to build Bitfighter for a different platform, building information can be found here in the wiki.

Changes for 019c

This is a another bugfix release mostly to address a major crash in the Lua API.

New Features

  • Vertex-edit mode in the editor. Press 'insert' to toggle (default on)
  • New editor plugin: Polywallify - correctly convert barriers to PolyWalls using their outlines

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a severe crash with Lua scripts
  • Lua documentation fixes
  • Fixed notifier crash when losing internet connectivity
  • Possible fix for really high ping problems
  • Fixed /rate command
  • Fixed /mprev command
  • Fixed /add command response
  • Fixed autologin setting
  • Editor: Fixed game timer seconds loss
  • Editor: Fixed tab-completion of file names with special characters on the level-select screen
  • Editor: Fixed scale tool with super large PolyWalls
  • Editor: Fixed crash with global chat
  • Editor: Fixed centroid calculation with LineItems
  • Editor: Various plugin fixes

Other Changes

  • Verify author field is filled out before uploading to pleiades
  • Un-mix file delimiters in paths on Windows

Source Code

All project source and relevant support files can be found on the project's Google Code server.