The latest Bitfighter release can be dowloaded here. All releases and change history can be viewed on the releases page.

Bitfighter 019f

Platform Download
Windows Windows 32-bit Installer
64-bit Installer (experimental)
Portable Archive (unzip and play)
OSX OSX Intel 64 bit (OSX 10.6+)
Legacy (OSX 10.5+)
Intel 32 bit
Linux Linux Standalone x86/x86_64 (experimental; GLIBC 2.7)
Source Archive

Linux Packages

Bitfighter is built by the following 3rd-party packagers (they may not have the latest version).

Arch Linux
Debian (unofficial)

If you want to build Bitfighter for a different platform, building information can be found in the wiki.

Other Downloads

Classic Level Map Pack. Good old levels from Zap!

019f changes

This is mostly a bugfix release.

New Features and Improvements

  • New GameController/Joystick subsystem with many more joysticks supported
  • Spy bugs are hexagonal
  • Armor heal rate is reduced
  • Editor: Can set teleporter delay
  • Voting can use /y or /n
  • Updated fonts throughout game
  • Game playback UI and control improvements
  • Other help and menu improvements and clarifications
  • Lua API: new events onCoreDestroyed, onObjectEnteredZone, onObjectLeftZone
  • Lua API: new FloatCounterMenuItem for editor plugins

General Fixes

  • Fix several crashes in Windows 10
  • Music system fails less often
  • Player names show correctly with /shuffle command
  • Sensor animation is disabled since it is a passive module
  • Voting resets properly on level change
  • Fix some robot zone crashes
  • Robots properly trigger events when entering/leaving zones
  • Fix game time updating with levelgens
  • Fix crash with /pm and unknown player name

Editor Fixes

  • Fix awful editor bug that would overwrite files
  • Fix crash with undoing a teleporter move with a plugin

Other Changes

  • OSX PPC support is dropped. Bitfighter 019e is the last supported version for this platform
  • SDL 1.2 support is dropped

Source Code

All project source and relevant support files can be found on the project's github page.