The latest Bitfighter release can be dowloaded here. All releases and change history can be viewed on the releases page.

Bitfighter 019c

Platform Download
Windows Installer Full Release
Portable Archive
OSX Universal 32 bit
Intel 64 bit
Linux Standalone x86/x86_64 (Experimental. GLIBC 2.7)

Other Linux Users

Bitfighter is built for x86 and x86_64 architectures on these platforms:

If you want to build Bitfighter for a different platform, building information can be found in the wiki.

New features for 019

  • UI changes everywhere. More sleek and shiny
  • Font changes everywhere. This improves rendering performance in many cases
  • Level database! with upload from editor. See
  • Loadout, Goal, Nexus zones have icons instead of text
  • LineItems have a 'Global' option to be viewd by all teams. This is default
  • Weapon changes:
    • Bouncer uses slightly less energy and stays alive the more it bounces (with an upper limit)
    • Phaser does slighly less damage
    • Triple does more damage and uses more energy (2 hit kills now)
    • Burst uses twice the energy
    • Seeker uses half as much energy, does less damage, shoots faster, and does area damage
    • Mines do not explode unless a burst is within proximity circle. Also Mines in a mine field will not all detonate at once
  • Module changes:
    • Shield uses slightly more energy
    • Armor is slightly stronger, resistant to impulse forces, and it takes 2 asteroids to kill you. Also remove Bouncer advantage against armor
  • Turrets do not hurt themselves with their own weapons
  • Asteroids split when you run into them
  • Many Lua API changes, additions, and enhancements. See Notable ones include:
  • Geom library enhancements. These are very useful with editor plugins
  • Removal of old addLevelLine()
  • More control of many game objects, like a ship's loadout
  • Added a Lua debugger
  • Increase limits on points for most objects
  • Increase limits in the level parameters section of the editor
  • Add ability to change points-per-minute in HTF gametype
  • New server permissions level: Owner. They can kick admins if needed
  • New editor plugins: 'draw_stars' and 'item_select'
  • Levels are saved with real coordinates now. Levels created with 019 are *not* backwards-compatible.
  • No more 'GridSize' level parameter.
  • New plugin dock for the editor (F9)
  • No blanking out background when going idle
  • Add ROBOTS in-game menu to add remove bots easily
  • Add ROBOTS menu when hosting game
  • Add option to have robots intelligently force balanced teams
  • Add marks for regenerative turrets and forcefield projectors
  • Teleporters are repairable
  • 3 new badges! Raging Rabid Rabbit (RAB), Hat Trick (SOC), and Last-Second Win (CTF)
  • Removed score penalty for being killed by Asteroid/Turret in Rabbit gametype
  • Always select first weapon when changing loadout
  • In-game help system. Can be turned on/off in the OPTIONS menu
  • Increase game object limit. We'll see how this goes...
  • Add /rate command for levels that are in the online database
  • You can now edit text in the middle of the word in all the various interfaces
  • Added several text effects for things
  • In-game kill streaks (not recorded in stats yet)
  • Command /shownextlevel to see what the next level in rotation is
  • Command /undeletelevel to undo most recently deleted level with /deletecurrentlevel
  • Editor: Add ability to rotate objects about their center of 'mass'
  • Remove showing keyboard keys in joystick mode
  • Levelgens upload/download with levels now

Bug fixes

  • Fix team sorting with ratings
  • Standalone fixes
  • Fix /shuffle
  • Fix several /idle issues
  • Several Lua API problems, crashes, and memory leaks
  • Turrets no longer target cloaked players with a resource item
  • Fixed score transmission updates using up bandwidth
  • Fix most window bugs on Windows and OSX
  • Normal weapon-damage rules apply to single-team Rabbit gametype
  • No repairing of other players in single-team Bitmatch
  • Keep currently selected weapon when respawning
  • Fix commander's map zoom glitches
  • Fix some energy desychronizations
  • Miscellaneous editor bugs
  • Fix several rounding errors that led to objects inching around slowly in the editor
  • Fix screensaver problems on some Windows systems
  • Fix some 'punching through firewall' issues

Other changes

  • Asteroids give off different sounds when a different size is destroyed
  • Minor S_Bot AI changes
  • Triangulation now done with poly2tri
  • CMake is used for Windows now, too
  • Lua scripts are now run in sandbox. No 'io' for you!
  • LineSmoothing option is back (adjustable in the INI). Turning this off helps speed up rendering on less powerful hardware (but looks much uglier)
  • Several performance improvements with network, UI, and game logic

Source Code

All project source and relevant support files can be found on the project's Google Code server.