Adding robots while in-game

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This is a short wiki detailing how to add robots to a server while in-game. Because bots are included within the default Bitfighter package, bots can be added to personal servers or even while testing a level, if so desired.


  • /addbot :: Adds 1 bot. It typically joins the team with less players.
  • /addbots # :: Adds multiple bots, you'll have to specify the amount. There does not appear to be a maximum amount, but beware that adding 9000 bots may result in a server crash. Thus, some servers have capped this amount at 10 bots.
  • /addbots # s_bot :: s_bot is the default bot, so this command is worthless. However, it's good for understanding commands.
  • /addbots # s_bot team :: You can choose to add bots by teams using this command. Type the team name or number (hint: team numbers begin at 0).

Try replacing s_bot with Eliza or orbitbot for a fun surprise!

  • /kickbot :: Kicks 1 bot.
  • /kickbots :: Kicks all bots.

Known Bots

  • s_bot :: The default bot. [Credit: Sam686]
  • Eliza :: Interactive chat bot.
  • orbitbot :: Orbits around TestItems.
  • projectileshooter (also known as AegisBot) :: Shoots at Bursts, Seekers, and Mines.
  • :: gets the nearest flag and returns to nearest goal. Only works in Retrieve games.

Other bots:


  • Play the map Feudalism solo, with 10 s_bots (6v5). Be on the Invaders team. You may find that victory is more difficult to come by than it would appear...
  • Play the map hour_glass solo, with 3 s_bots (1v3). You vs them. Try to score 1 point before they score all 10!

Just for fun

  • Add orbitbots en masse to a TestItem-heavy map and watch as they circle TestItems desperately!
  • Or, go head-to-head with 20v20 s_bots on some classic and simple CTF maps!