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Scheduled games


  • There are weekly 'parties' every Friday at 9:00pm EST (sometimes Saturday). Be sure to pay attention to the forums to stay updated about event themes and (occasional) time changes!
  • Big Bitfighter Battles (BBB for short) span four hours and are hosted by a member of our community. These are competitive matches, with prizes for the most skilled player. However, anybody is welcome and matches have been known to reach 20 players in one game! Sign up for our newsletter to be notified of these events.
  • Level design contests are typically attached with a level playing party.
  • There is usually a sizeable crowd in the afternoon and evenings, US Eastern Time - even on weekdays!
  • Tip: If nobody's around, try waiting in an empty server for a few minutes. Someone might be lurking the forums and see that you are online, or receive a notification through the Bitfighter Notification App!


  • There's a weekly games on Friday from 8pm EST (USA) to late - Your Timezone (Click "Make Changes to Current Search" to change to your timezone)
  • There's also a fortnightly Oceanic (AU/NZ) Bitfighter games on a date/time satisfactory to all - Vote here!. The new series starts in a fortnight (or sooner depending on interest) so dates are set from the 15th March onwards. The reason for restriction to Oceania is due to latency/lag.