Game types

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There are several game types in Bitfighter.

Capture the Flag

Team game where the objective is to take the enemy's flag and return it to your flag. Each capture earns your team one point. Take care to defend your flag from the enemy -- you can only score if it is at home!


Team game where the objective is to move the ball into the opposing team's goal. As of Version 016, The ball can only be moved by pushing or shooting it. Earlier versions allowed players to pick the ball up and carry it around, but any damage or firing would drop the ball. Now, the the ball has momentum - double-tapping turbo and Bursts are good methods to "shoot" the ball, but if you miss, it's hard to regain control of the ball.

Zone Control

Team game with a single flag and multiple "capture zones." The goal of the game is to capture all zones on the map by carrying the flag into them. When a team captures a zone, they score a point. If the capture zone was already owned by a different team, they lose a point. If all the zones on the level are captured by a single team, they score a "touchdown", and the zones and flag reset.


In Retrieve, one or more flags are scattered throughout the level. Teams compete to bring these flags back to team-colored goal zones. Each retrieved flag is worth one point. When one team retrieves all the flags on the level, they keep the points for the flags, and the flags reset to their original locations. but you keep the points of all the zones you claimed.

Hold the Flag

There are flags in the level - hold them in your goals/capture zones, where other players can steal them. Your team will score every 5 seconds for each flag. You can hold multiple flags if you have multiple capture zones, and each will score independently, accumulating more points.


Solo game where the objective is to collect flags from other players and return them to the Nexus for points. Each player starts with one flag, which they drop when zapped, and which can then be picked up by other players. Scoring in Nexus is based on how many flags the player is carrying when they enter the Nexus, which only opens periodically. The first flag is worth 10 points, the second 20, the third 30, and so on. So the total value of capturing 5 flags would be 50 + 40 + 30 + 20 + 10 = 150 points.

When the Nexus is closed, a timer in the lower right corner counts down to when it will next be open.


Solo game with one flag that all players fight to control. Players accumulate points by holding the flag, zapping the flag carrier, or zapping other players while holding the flag.


Solo or team game with the simple goal of killing as many opponents as possible. Literally, a free-for-all.


A relatively new game mode, Core requires players to defend and attack large, fortified cores. To destroy a core, players must simply shoot at it. Cores have individual panels marked by a thin gray line. Each panel requires a certain amount of damage to be dealt before the panel can be destroyed. The bars next to that panel (inside the core.) tells how much relitive health that panel has. Players can repair individual panels, but once a panel is gone, it's gone.

To completely obliterate a core, strip all of the panels from the core and a large explosion will occur. Most maps that employ cores will set lots of strength to each core, so don't expect to single-handedly destroy a core in one go.

Playing Tip

Pay special attention to the triangular arrows around the edge of your screen -- these indicate the direction to specific game objectives, including flags, capture zones, and friendly or enemy flag carriers.