Hosting a Dedicated Server in OS X

From Bitfighter

You can host a dedicated server on Mac without building any files.

  • First, locate your game
  • Right click on it, and select an option called "show package contents"
  • Navigate through Contents > MacOS > Bitfighter
  • Open the application terminal, located in Applications > Utilities
  • Drag the bitfighter executable into the terminal window
    • After that is done, type a space, and then input -dedicated
    • No game window will open, but your server will be up. Open your game and join a game to see.

Along with -dedicated, you can specify other options too (or just do this in your ini file). Any of the commands on the following page, can be typed in before pressing enter.


  • You might have to drag the "" file into Terminal instead
  • If you are using -levels and having an error, make -levels be the last option set in Terminal
  • Try removing quotes around -hostname, -adminpassword, and other similar options