INI File

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The ini file which is located in the main Bitfighter folder lets you set various presets for how your game works as well change settings of your servers. Here is a general overview of the sections and what they contain.


  • [Host] Section for settings of the server you host.
  • [Recent Foreign Servers.] Keeps track of recent servers youve logged into used as a backup for playing in when then Bitfighter master server is down.
  • [Loadout presets] Sets preset loadouts you can instantly switch to by touching a loadout zone select the loadout by pressing ctrl+# on windows.
  • [Editor Plugins] Section for loading plugins to be used in the editor recommend you don't change it if you don't know what your doing.
  • [Connections] Section for preset servers the Bitfighter master server tries to find for you.
  • [Effects] display settings for Bitfighter you only will see these effects.
  • [Sounds] Various sound settings can be changed here.
  • [Settings] Varoius Bitfighter settings can be set here like window size on start up.
  • [Diagnostics] Settings for determining what caused errors. used for development and debugging.
  • [Levels] Helps select preset levels that will load with your server.
  • [Updates] Determines how updates are handeled (windwos only.)
  • [Testing] Various testing stuffs like changing the wall colors and the burst effect, may be removed eventully.
  • [SavedLevelChangePasswords] This section remebers the passwords to servers to alow you to change levels.
  • [SavedAdminPasswords] This Section remebers the passwords to servers to be a administrator on them.
  • [SavedServerPasswords] This section remevers the passwords to be able to gain access to a server.
  • [KeyBoardKeyBindings] Various preset keyboard controls.
  • [JoystickKeyBindings] Veroius preset joystick controls.
  • [QuickchatMessages] This section lets you edit what the quick chat menus and messages say and are like.
  • [LevelSkipList] This section controls what levels will never show on up on your server.
  • [ServerBanList] This section lets you control the ban lengths people have received on your server.

Tips, and warnings:

  • WARNING: Do not edit the Bitfighter.ini file while Bitfighter is running, or your changes may be lost.