Ship configuration (weapons & modules)

From Bitfighter

Each ship can be configured with 2 modules and 3 weapons. The loadout select menu allows the player to choose a new ship loadout configuration. This configuration will not become available until the player flies over a loadout zone.


Energy is a key part of gameplay in Bitfighter. Without energy you cannot use modules or weapons (excluding the phaser and armor). By using these modules and weapons, your energy gets lower. If your energy runs out, you can't use most modules and weapons. You then must wait until your energy regenerates. While your energy is regenerating, you are highly susceptible to damage. Because of this, it is recommended you monitor your energy bar, which is located at the bottom left of the screen in-game. If your energy goes below the yellow bar near the left of the energy bar, you may not use a module until your energy gets above that line, even if the module your using doesn't need that much energy.

Tip: To regain energy faster, stop moving and stay still. After a few seconds, your energy will rapidly regenerate.


Modules are special powers that can be activated by pressing the appropriate module activation key. The modules are:

  • Boost: Lets the ship travel faster
  • Pulse Lets the user cross areas in a straight line quickly
  • Shield: Creates a shield around the ship that reflects shots
  • Repair: Repairs self, teammates, and other team objects that are damaged
  • Sensor: Lets the player see further, makes enemy mines more visible, and lets player see projectiles on the commander's map. Players with this module can build spy bugs.
  • Cloak: Turns the ship invisible
  • Armor: Adds protection to ship in exchange for poorer handling
  • Engineer: Allows players to build turrets, forcefields, and teleporters with resource items. (Not allowed on all levels.)

ModuleDescriptionOperationEnergy UsedMin Energy
BoostIncreases the ship's speedActive15%0%
PulseIncreases the ship's speed quickly in a straight lineActive100%0%
ShieldCreates a yellow ring around the ship that will reflect all damage.Active27%0%
RepairRepairs a player or engineered object around youActive15%0%
SensorIncreases your line of sight and what you seeActive8%0%
CloakMakes you invisible to the enemy; however, it does not affect the flagActive8%0%
ArmourUses no energy and absorbs some of the damage from shots fired at you.Passive0%0%
EngineerIf enabled by the map, allows you to take small square objects called "resource items" and build them into turrets, force-fields, and teleporters.N/A50%0%


  • Phaser: Simple shoot-em-up weapon. Uses little energy, does little damage.
  • Bouncer: This weapon is like the phaser, but takes up more energy, but bounces off walls.
  • Triple: Takes up lots of your energy, and fires 3 shots at a time.
  • Burst: Unlike other weapons, you can hit it, and gives an area of effect.
  • Mine: Explodes when a weapon/ship hits it (after the creator of the mine has left the mine's range)**
  • Spy Bug: Spy bugs are only available if you have chosen the sensor module. They monitor a section of the map and will show enemy ships there even if no players are there.
  • Seeker: A missile like weapon that homes in on the oppenent.

WeaponDescriptionDestructionEnergy UsedMin Energy
PhaserSimple, rapid fire, straight shot weapon21%.5%.5%
BouncerLike the phaser, except more energy usage, and it bounces off walls. Powerful, but potentially dangerous to the shooter.14%1.8%1.8%
TripleSimilar to phaser, but fires a fan of three projectiles at about a 5-10 degree span14% (per projectile)2.1%2.1%
BurstGrenade-like projectile that automatically detonates in 3 seconds, causing area damage effects. Bounces off of walls and other items.Up to 50% (depends on distance)5%5%
MineA simple stationary weapon, becomes active when the creator leaves its range. Detonates when it comes in contact with a ship or projectile. Easy to see for the creator and teammates, hard to see for anyone else (small and 25% visible).Up to 50% (depends on distance)55%55%
Spy BugCan only be used/created if the Sensor module is selected. Makes surrounding areas of the commander's map visible to player and teammates.None, only if destroyed50%50%
SeekerMissle Like projectile that homes in on the opponent 25% 5%5%