Team Locking

From Bitfighter

Starting in 020, it is possible to lock teams if you want to prevent people from changing teams. This is mostly intended for use during tournaments and other situations where players changing teams is undesirable, or you want to maintain the same teams for several games in a row.

Teams can be locked by entering the /lock command. The can be unlocked (i.e. returned to normal behavior) with the /unlock command.

You must have admin privileges to lock or unlock teams.

When teams are locked:

  • Players cannot change teams.
  • Players will be assigned to the same team each game that has the same number of teams.
    • Example: Teams are locked in a 2-team game; next 2-team game, everyone will be on the same teams as they were when teams were locked. If a 3-team game starts, players will be assigned to new teams as if teams were not locked. When the next 2-team game starts, players will be assigned to their old teams. When the next 3-team game starts, players will be assigned to their 3-team-game teams.
  • Admins can arrange/shuffle teams normally.
  • New players will be assigned to teams using the normal method.
  • Players will have a locked teams indicator on their screen to indicate that teams are locked.
  • If a player quits and rejoins, they will be added to the same team they were on before, unless they are gone more than one minute.
  • Bots are not affected by team locking.

Teams will automatically unlock if:

  • All admins quit for more than 15 seconds.
  • All players quit.