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Add the Bitfighter logo in your levelsAdding robots to a matchAdding robots while in-game
Bitfighter Wikipedia SubmissionBuglist 016Building Bitfighter
Change the delay time for teleportersCommand line parametersContest checklist
Contribute using MercurialContributors/CreditsCreating Bot NavZones to help bots navigate
Creating hostile objectsCreating plugins
DatatypesDebugging TipsDevelopment roadmap
EventsGCI Student BootstrapGSOC ideas
GameControllerGame typesGetting the source code
History of BitfighterHosting a Dedicated Server in OS XHosting a Dedicated Server on a Mac
Hosting a dedicated server on WindowsHosting a game
Hosting multiple servers on LinuxHow to be a good teammate
INI FileIdeas for AchievementsIdeas for triggers
ItemsKaramazovapy's levelgen tutorial
Level file syntaxLevelgen Tutorial 01
Levelgen Tutorial 02Levelgen Tutorial 03Levelgen example: Funcorners
Levelgen example: MazeracerLevelgen example: SquarePegsLevelgen gallery
ListsMain Page
Make a SpeedZone rotate
ModulesOnline reviews and linksPlaying tips
Programming Crash CourseProgramming levelgensProgramming robots
ReadmeRelease Notes 016Release checklist
Robot galleryRunning Bug List
ScoringScript structure
ScriptingScripting 018Ship configuration (weapons & modules)
Team LockingThe Levelmaker's Guide to the GalaxyThree Keys of Level Design
Updating a Linux server to the latest codeUsing a levelgen script
Using robotsWeapons
What Is Bitfighter?Why doesnt Mac use Makefile to build?
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